Hello DR Community! I've noticed a bunch of you have been very eager to write applications and are anxious to join the staff team and offer your services to help us out. As much as I've enjoyed seeing more and more folks sign up to help out in our games, I've felt that a lot of these applications have been a bit generic. Do not take offense, the pressure of writing a staff application is not always easy, and many feel unsure of what to write, especially to make themselves stand out as a true candidate! Well, don't worry! We enjoy seeing your applications and we are very thankful to see everyone active and happy. I am here today to leave you a small example of what I like to see in most applications, and no, this doesn't mean even MY application is perfect, but to me this feels like it stands out a bit from everyone.

Remember, applications are only a summary of what you can offer as a person, and that they do not always mean they are in a need for absolute perfection. No one is perfect in this world, and everyone on the current staff team has their own sort of personalities that make us really what we are today. Consider your application as a reference note, something that the staff team can refer back to when they feel they need to look for someone else.

Also, a small pro-tip to humor you: Coloring your applications or finding elaborate ways to make your application stand out more from the rest do show signs of creativity, but in most cases do not impress any one. This is not meant to be cruel, nor is it targeted to anyone who may have wrote an application here, this is from general observation at the many private servers I've played at and worked for. The staff team appreciate your creative side, but they are often never impressed with your color show.

With that aside, here's what my application would look like today if I were a normal player looking to help:

Your name or internet alias; Nibelheim
Your age; 22
Your localization and/or timezone; Texas, United States. Central US Time, -6 GMT.
The languages that you speak; English
Your field of interest within the staff (GM or Developer); GM
Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc); Graduated high school and some college level courses from high school.
Your programming and coding skills/languages; This does not incorporate to the GM application.
Some of your work from items to interfaces and general GFX; This does not incorporate to the GM application.
A short description of yourself and your personality; A short description of myself would be a hard working individual, intelligent, and I have great judgement skills in tough situations that would lead the average person to buckle under pressure. I have a calm personality as I've continued on in life, long since cooled my hot headed nature as I've aged. I am not easily provoked and I can handle most situations in a calm, respective manner, that ensures players will have their problems solved quickly and with the best level of help they can get to the best of my knowledge.

A small text telling us what you could do as a staff member; As always, as I apply to a team, I bring my fullest to the table and I aim to be the most helpful person on the team. I will not only do what is completely asked of me, but I will go as far as to make creative alternatives to many situations to ensure better player service, so long as the head of staff or the owner see no problems with my ideas. I bring a mindset of professionalism, and treat my position very seriously. To me, you've employed me to work very hard as a full time job, and I will do my best with every single resource available to me. I will only do what is needed to be done, with player entertainment on the side in my free time. It isn't always about being a complete stiff, and the players do enjoy a very entertaining and fun staff member, and I feel I can do this as well when I'm not busy.
And that's it! I appreciate your reading, and again, I'm glad to see many new faces starting to show around here. It's refreshing to see our community growing every day, and I definitely look forward to watching it grow more and more. Keep every thing I said here into consideration, and as always, make what makes YOU different, shine the most.

Senior Game Moderator,

- Nibelheim