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Thread: !Gamer Tag List!

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    Steam: Veryl
    Last edited by Veryl; 07-08-2014 at 07:21 PM.
    evil neko since '91

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    Aug 2012
    My main Steam ID will be: wolfeli2

    The other one is still owned by myself.
    The wind is our guidance. The moon is our light.

    A wolf can either lead a pack or follow it.
    I am an Omega Wolf.

    When I fight, I don't talk. When I focus, I only listen.

    Seven years remain

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    Oct 2014
    Xbox Live: Cambin
    Steam: Azurelos
    League : Azurelos
    Blizzard Battletag: Azurelos#1666
    Blast from the past xD

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