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Thread: Frogger Oldgens

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    Quote Originally Posted by WestSyde View Post
    Not sure if my account and character still exist on this server after all.
    Anything previous to August 2012 is gone by community decision.

    Soporte en Español!
    Will miss you, Hospitable Pyro Jack....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nibelheim View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsurugi View Post
    The blonde Spock strikes again!
    You just wait, I'll find something to stab you with every time you post something.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsurugi View Post
    LOL What a fucking mess
    Quote Originally Posted by Horrors View Post
    f-fuck you wes!

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    Well, I remember these days and being in Frogger. I can't remember the time period all that awesomely.
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    good ol frogger =]

  4. i got banned for shotbotting? weird, i don't remember that ever happening.

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    hahaha love ya Matt, if you come through here message me on this or the other Blissful account both actually bcuz I don't have Skype any more we can play Ark or whatever game u play now Osu or whatnot one . i get my gaming pc = =, grrrrrrr

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    I don't know if being in Frogger for the not crazy extended amount of time I stayed meant much, aside from still liking very old friends from said time with and or in Frogger.

    at the least, welcome back

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    I was in Frogger on Eons account lmao I think Apollo character HAHA , then I got kicked f*ck
    I think Toker did it? idr = =

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