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    Application development

    We are all advocates of CHANGE.

    It is said that as many as one fourth of cancer patients do not receive treatment because they are unable to transport themselves to their appointments. An application was made for Uber that contributes to this very cause, but, I would like to work on an application that provides a network for everyone in the struggle. A life line. Not everyone has the resources at their disposal, or a helping hand. We have to be that change we wish to see.

    We don't have Uber here in Vancouver, but, hopefully soon. That said, if anyone knows how to make apps, we should get a game plan together to have an application that performs this same task, outside of just the Uber service! I would really appreciate any feedback from app developers, and will look into it myself. peace!

    This is just a small part of a larger battle. With the consumption of digital media we have to market correctly, and proficiently. We need a gathering place for our kindred spirits to come together and fight against all injustice.

    This was a huge rock for us to stand upon, in no ways was this a small feat. It has proven that the balance of power can and will be restored.

    Misinformation and the lack of spreading of truth is the bane of our existence at this moment, but, we can change that.

    Conviction and sincerity are necessary in pursuit of true justice.


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    My java Android app was supposed to be for medicine, specifically psychology, this was the preliminary interface design.

    I've never shown this here before lol, mostly because I was a bit pissed off since I dropped it when my previous hard-drive burned. I might bring it back someday if I ever have the time or motivation.

    It was basically: Stage 1 Diagnosis; Stage 2 User Schedule; Stage 3 Cognitive behavioral therapy - It would give therapeutical tips according to the user's disorder and schedule.

    The Diagnosis algorithm was already finished, which covered the most common personality and anxiety disorders...Losing all of that was a complete f*** up.

    Anyway, my python AI has the sole purpose of mapping the entire human genome - the human being's construction manual - unlike the University of Leicester that printed the whole genome in 130 book volumes that would take an human being 90 years to read.

    And with an easier way to access the human genome - it will be far easier to literally eradicate certain diseases, like cancer, and EVEN neutralizing the "evil" gene, which is my primary purpose.

    Yeah, I'm not just a lawman, I'm a self-taught geneticist, psychologist and my programming skills go way beyond what most people know - I just don't brag about it like 90% of people do - and I work alone on my own projects - which also include my own RPG project that will most likely become a book: a real book, or an ingame book on Ultima genius Sir Richard Garriott's 'Shroud of the Avatar' - formerly known as the Ultimate RPG - the real Ultima X game.

    So why contribute to a cause, when we can directly work on that cause...? :]

    Anyway, as I've said several times, when Gunblade suggested that, if we ever got a margin of profit (after paying our bills) we could make donations to charity associations.

    We might as well donate to cancer research institutions - I've actually had these guys on my bookmarks for a while now.
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