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Thread: My Raps/Freestyles

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    My Raps/Freestyles

    Just little things I write in 2 minutes or transcribe from freestyles..just started writing (if you canc all it that, just takes me 2 mins no edits)
    I used to only do it when I'm drunk, but I'll share them with you guys.

    Here's one:

    i aint anyone's fuckin puppet
    no strings attached
    yous a fuckin muppet
    a hand up ya ass
    servin it to u raw
    c thru like glass
    run up break ya jaw
    face down in the grass
    why they all got it backwards ?
    man, shit is twisted
    fuck the bullshit, son
    smoke 1 nd get lifted
    an apparent pair of mystics
    gone enter my dream equip me with ballistics
    that's lyrical firepower for this war
    and the other kind, special delivery to ya door

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    Are you 12?

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    check ya facts ..
    what the **** is that
    dirty deceivers, down wit em all
    our leaders want us to fall
    fall? fail? a 100 gs for bail ?
    "childrens defence fund", they leavin no trail
    eyes open wont fall for no tales

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    Are you 12?

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    Orly??????? Well, if you insist...

    Niggas ain't got shit on me
    'Cause I'm the top dog MC
    Always comin' back like Tupac
    Just to holla at you back

    Daemons Ring is here to stay
    So you betta get outta the way
    NeoDio gonna be pimpin'
    So you betta start husslin'

    Bitches ain't got jack on me
    'Cause I'm not a Trump wannabe
    Yeah nigga I'm the real deal
    Fake ass bitches won't even appeal

    Daemons Ring is here forever
    So don't even try to squander

    Chill dawg.
    "Making mistakes is human, but the ability to acknowledge them, the humility and maturity to apologize and try to correct them is GODLY"

    Because we have cookies!

    Quotes & Stuff

    Because I'm ninja!

    Because Senya rocks!

    The ultimate "small time" criminal...

    Vote for me, USA 2016

    Some of my favorite quotes:

    "When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw" - Nelson Mandela

    "There is no fate but what we make" - John Connor (Christian Bale)

    "Embrace your dreams and protect your honor" Zack Fair (FF7)

    "I don't step aside, I step up" - Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis)

    "Falling is the last thing an angel feels" - Gabriel (Andy Whitfield RIP)

    "Revenge is a meal best served cold" - John W. Creasy (Denzel Washington)

    "I don't believe in God but I believe in Angels" - Max Payne (Mark Wahlberg)

    "Accept your fate of be destroyed by it" - Batiatus

    "Accept your fate or be destroyed by specters of a past never to return" - Spartacus

    "Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter" - Ernest Hemingway

    "It is easier to find men willing to die, than men who endure pain with patience" - Gaius Julius Caesar

    "Forgiveness is between them and God, it's my job to arrange the meeting" - John W. Creasy (Denzel Washington)

    "I live to see a day where (...) cruelty is but a distant memory" - Spartacus.

    "A man is never too weak or too wounded to fight. If his cause is greater than his own life." - Oenomaus.

    "Revenge is a meal best served cold" - John W. Creasy.

    "The price of freedom is sacrifice" - Zack Fair.

    "Track them, find them, kill them" - Barney Ross.

    "There is no justice, not in this world" - Spartacus.

    I'm sorry Crixus, I just couldn't help myself.

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    another freestyle excerpt from earlier:
    bout to spit three hundred bars, im sick like sars
    (wavy skyhigh on my king pin shit, bout to colonize mars)
    im seein the chinese in surgeon masks,
    old heads shootin IV, drinkin whiskey from flasks
    my mind sharp and my hands fast
    its not even a question whether or not ill blast
    what the fuck is meaning all i know is loyalty
    me and wifey adorned in gold livin like royalty
    we movin work on the ground and in the sky
    birds taken off, we growin wings, time to fly!!
    **added that bracketed verse after

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    sick bars OP thanks for the share!

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    ♫ ♫ ♫
    Youtube it!

    Soporte en Español!
    Will miss you, Hospitable Pyro Jack....

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