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Thread: Client isn't updating

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    Client isn't updating

    I'm trying to play the game for the first time and it won't get passed the client update giving me this as an error:

    Log start : Sun Nov 13 20:21:32 2016

    Current Directory : c:\DRGunZ
    20:21:32:805 [APP] OS version : (Build 9200)
    20:21:32:837 [APP] Window created successfully.
    20:21:35:026 [ZUpdate] Create.
    20:21:35:026 [ZFileTransfer] Create.
    20:21:35:026 [ZFileTransfer] Create successfully complete.
    20:21:35:026 [ZFileTransfer] Open connection.
    20:21:35:026 [ZFileTransfer] Open connection successfully complete.
    20:21:35:026 [ZFileTransfer] Change directory.
    20:21:35:026 [ZFileTransfer] Change directory successfully complete.
    20:21:35:026 [ZUpdate] Create successfully compete.
    20:21:35:026 [APP] Download patch info file
    20:21:35:026 [ZUpdate] Start update.
    20:21:35:026 [ZFileTransfer] Download file : ./patch.xml to ./patch.xml
    20:21:56:056 [ZFileTransfer] ERROR : A connection with the server could not be established

    20:21:56:056 [ZUpdate] ERROR : Start update FAILED!!!
    20:21:56:056 [APP] ERROR - Cannot download patch info file
    20:21:56:056 [APP] Updater error message :

    The update server is not responding or is not running right now.
    [Tip] Please check your firewall.
    [Tip] Please try again after a while.

    20:21:56:056 [App] File transfer error message :

    A connection with the server could not be established

    I use Avast and I cant seem to figure out why it won't create an exception for this program.

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    Yeah, I'm afraid it's under development, that's why it won't upload.... It's an older version.

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