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    Yeah, it's November 2016, precisely 10 years after Daemons Ring Gunz was born on Rick/Mackintosh's home computer.

    I will have the honor of opening the celebrations by posting some funny and peculiar screenshots from the last 10 years.

    I'm gonna leave here some cool stuff that I may or not have posted before, some I have posted before but imageshack deleted it, some other stuff might still be around the forums, but some things will be shared here for the first time.

    This will be a WOI™ - Attention, I have just ™'ed my newest concept: "Wall of Images"; use this, and I will sue you, extradite you, arrest you, tickle torture you, press criminal charges, report you to the FBI, CIA, KGB, NASA, LAPD, Steam, SWAT, Mossad, LAPD, and ruin your life. (LOOOOOOL)

    I will put a spoiler tag since this is going to be big, and might cause some lag. EDIT: Contains a total of 53 images and 1 video.
    (Viewer discretion advised, some of the following images are obscene)

    Since: "better late than never", I'm gonna start this by wishing you all a belated Happy Halloween!

    So here's a classic:

    Since this is a celebration, here's how I've met the Daemons Ring Gaming Network and its Founder, Rick/Mackintosh, back in 2003:

    And also an extremely rare picture I took back in 2003 with a brick Nokia cell phone while playing Daemons Ring Ultima Online relaxing at my crib:

    Anyway, this is about DRGunz, so let's get back to it:

    Our original and first forum banner from 2006:

    When Mackintosh forgot to pay the hosting bills at the end of 2006 (I've excluded the gay

    When our Donator Kodachis gave one of the most beautiful glitches of Gunz history (while some clan members were already asking me to kick out kolie because they were scared of losing everything; and eventually did, but we've rebuilt it):

    When I come to the game room to switch items after 2 hours, and realize that 44 players are still in the room; this Kill NeoDio Event was one of those that reached 3 hours and over 1000+ kills, which basically equals an MMORPG raid/operation:

    When kolie's home computer aka 'dedicated server' lagged so badly that I even duplicated myself ingame:

    When DR players started to make memes about me:

    When DR players kept making memes about me:

    And they never stopped making memes about me:

    When DR players started to show mass love back in 2007 :] I really loved this, you guys are amazing:

    When the Meah~ clan sexually abused me during 1/2 hours of AFK'ness, because seriously, it must have taken a shitload of time to get me up there, I also truly loved this, it was one of the best clans that DRGunz ever had:

    Speaking of sexy times:

    More sexy times:

    The one that was called the 'Dream Team', when in 2009/2010 we became one of the best Gunz private servers with 500~600 daily players; when we had daily Clan War raging and introduced our fully custom quests; to avoid exposing some people, I'll list the names randomly, I'm the first one smoking that shit though:
    Neo, Eons, Nibelheim, Sulfin, iFace, Beauty/Grym, TJ/TheJews, LoveCrayon, ArkAngel, BassChan, Wyatt/Alabama, OMGNoob:

    Our fully custom animated model for the Pacman Quest:

    Our fully custom animated model for the Fallen Warrior Quest:

    Our fully custom animated model for the Ruin Quest:

    Our fully custom Graveyard Quest:

    From the Epic Skeleton King Trilogy™, the first, one and only: Skeleton Pyramid™:

    For the record, I have nothing against Skeleton Commander's sexual preferences, I've actually found this couple quite cute:

    That includes Skeleton Mages too, 'tis so fluffy I'm gonna die:

    When I've passed the joint to one of my Skeleton minions and he got way too high:

    When I was just 'hanging' out on a Quest, while 'poking' a gargoyle-dragon:

    When I was 'hanging' out with Aneramon, also 'poking' him:

    When the Goblin King tried to eat me:

    When I was forced to prostitute myself to feed someone's pockets:

    And here is the "can I get an Amen" Almighty N0X Anti Hack..? No. In reality, "I" was basically the Anti Hack the whole time. N0X was written in 2007 by Rick/Mackintosh, Astaelon and kolie, but it was bypassed in 2008, and leaked on RaGEZONE later on. So since 2008, I've personally secured the server by banning all hackers directly on the database through their hard-drive's serial number, whenever they managed to bypass the regular IP+ugradeID ban:

    When I literally blew myself away:

    When I literally blew myself away - REVERSED:

    When DRGunz had a crossover with Final Fantasy VII:

    When I raged against Challenge Quest on DRGunz:

    When TJ and Sulfin made an alternative interface:

    One of our biggest "DRama" scandals, when the members of the Curse/Legion clan were caught mass swapping kills so Kyosoke could reach a certain level to have a better performance in a tournament we've hosted:

    The plot thickens, and it gets funnier, because this Kyosuke came around here a while back claiming that "I" was stating "lies about him", and he preached that he was "one of our best Game-Masters"...LOOOOOOOOOOOL! This guy was so aggressive and unstable, and nagged kolie so much to become staff, that kolie actually found a way to get rid of him permanently - He made him a Game-Master, and shorty after, he was fired and banned, for behaving like this:

    I'm so famous and loved that some servers pay homage to me! :] Or they just rip our content and forgot/were too lazy to remove my name. This is hilarious, because that is the exact same line that I wrote on our Zitem back in 2009! This screenshot was taken recently, feel free to ask for evidence:

    When we hosted Gunz2, becoming the only Gunz2 private server that was completely open to public:

    A screenshot taken by Sheen, ingame on DRGunz2:

    Another screenshot taken by Sheen, ingame on DRGunz2:

    My little prank about me and kolie joining MAIET, which some people actually believed in...LOL:

    The famous Superflip map, a map that our former colleague Hikita/Shinra designed for DR, and later released on RaGEZONE:

    When I switched cars, posted about it on DR, and a picture of my new car appeared on Google image search:

    Our first interface since we've started to rebuild DR back in 2012:

    When we hosted Lineage2 and I became 'big headed', LOL:

    When we hosted GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer and I became an FBI Agent; this became my method to get rid of criminal hackers (lol):

    When Kalas hosted a WoW pserver and I've played the game for the first time (since when WoW was released I was already into Ultima Online, and became utterly pissed because Warcraft 4 didn't happen):

    One of the most hilarious accusations ever made against me, this actually came out from a former development administrator that I considered a friend, and whose name I will censor out of respect. There were others who made similar accusations of petty crimes against me, but they're so insignificant and known as liars that they don't even deserve to be mentioned; besides, why would I even bother myself to attack a server that had such a great staff team that killed itself on their own in a short period of time, lol?:

    With all due modesty, I might be extremely good at certain things in this life, but I could never draw jack shit... This was one of the only drawings I've ever made public in my entire life, my concept weapon based on two of my favorite firearms: a Colt Python .45 Magnum merged with a Pietro Beretta 92F 9mm:

    I've actually made a contest back then for someone to design this Colt Beretta for DRGunz, and this turned out pretty good:

    Here's another picture of my Colt Beretta, from the same developer. I believe it was Zain who made this, and it looked great:

    This last picture will be a rare one... When I used a female character to rage against our Cursed Pampow Quest, which was written to take place on our Hockey field custom map:

    Now, to end this with style, here's the one and only video I've ever made about DRGunZ, pure epicness:

    EDIT: This is more than worth to be included here, since it's actually a truly honorable action:
    When I asked Mental from RaGEZONE to take a screenshot of a thread from 2011 when I was a complete asshole towards him, Phoenix, and other RaGEZONE members; and instead, he does this:

    I guess this 10th Anniversary just keeps getting better and better. :]
    Thank you so much Mental, and my gratitude also goes for the entire RaGEZONE community for all the hard work, contributions, words/topics/debates, and everything that made RaGEZONE one of the biggest and greatest modding, file sharing, and all around community of all times.
    And honestly, without RaGEZONE's existence, we certainly wouldn't be here celebrating 10 years of DRGunZ

    Concluding this with some final words:

    To all the true DR players and playettes our there - HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY!

    I would like to give a special thanks to Rick/Mackintosh, for giving me a chance completely out of nowhere back in 2006 to join your staff team; and in 2012, when DR was finally free from the person who stole its ownership from you, and I've offered you what was yours by right of creation - DR as a whole - I humbly thank you for allowing me to make DR live on under my wing, with my colleagues' help, along with all the members of this community. I also apologize to you once more, and to Dollface, for turning against the both of you when you went to GameNao, I was way too blind, and I am truly sorry.

    A new page in Gunz History has been written on this month of November 2016:

    Daemons Ring Gunz is the first Gunz private server to complete ten years of existence.

    Thank you ALL so much for being here during TEN ENTIRE YEARS!

    Now feel free to share here some of you favorite memories!

    Long live the Daemons Ring Community!

    PS: Please post here only to share some of your favorite moments, either by simply writing or by posting videos or images; please don't ask about a possible DRGunz because we do not have enough funds at the moment to purchase a server.
    Last edited by SKNeoDio; 03-11-2016 at 10:18 PM. Reason: Because Mental/RaGEZONE
    "Making mistakes is human, but the ability to acknowledge them, the humility and maturity to apologize and try to correct them is GODLY"

    Because we have cookies!

    Quotes & Stuff

    Because I'm ninja!

    Because Senya rocks!

    The ultimate "small time" criminal...

    Vote for me, USA 2016

    Some of my favorite quotes:

    "When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw" - Nelson Mandela

    "There is no fate but what we make" - John Connor (Christian Bale)

    "Embrace your dreams and protect your honor" Zack Fair (FF7)

    "I don't step aside, I step up" - Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis)

    "Falling is the last thing an angel feels" - Gabriel (Andy Whitfield RIP)

    "Revenge is a meal best served cold" - John W. Creasy (Denzel Washington)

    "I don't believe in God but I believe in Angels" - Max Payne (Mark Wahlberg)

    "Accept your fate of be destroyed by it" - Batiatus

    "Accept your fate or be destroyed by specters of a past never to return" - Spartacus

    "Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter" - Ernest Hemingway

    "It is easier to find men willing to die, than men who endure pain with patience" - Gaius Julius Caesar

    "Forgiveness is between them and God, it's my job to arrange the meeting" - John W. Creasy (Denzel Washington)

    "I live to see a day where (...) cruelty is but a distant memory" - Spartacus.

    "A man is never too weak or too wounded to fight. If his cause is greater than his own life." - Oenomaus.

    "Revenge is a meal best served cold" - John W. Creasy.

    "The price of freedom is sacrifice" - Zack Fair.

    "Track them, find them, kill them" - Barney Ross.

    "There is no justice, not in this world" - Spartacus.

    I'm sorry Crixus, I just couldn't help myself.

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    May there be 10 days more.

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    enjoyed every minute of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blissful View Post
    enjoyed every minute of it

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    07-2011 was my favorite time in online gaming history

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    Oh boy. Superflip v2 (?) brings back a shit ton of nostalgic memories. I think I have a folder of old pictures from DR somewhere. Hmm.

    I'm thinking of a screenshot collection of a ton of Staff-Member quotes anyone?

    (I found it and posted it over here:

    Also does anyone have any old pictures of me kicking around? (IGN was ^3[F]EAR or ^1[F]EAR or Desolit)
    Last edited by ronnockoch; 03-11-2016 at 12:09 AM.
    I used to be a GM and ran the forums for a few years, I was the founding member of [Neo's] Strike Team.

    I've been known to locate certain things from time to time.

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    Erie, PA
    I get all the credit for DR GunZ2, well, me and Hashed at the time.
    Was truly an honor to have the first ever public GunZ 2 server, even if it sucked like hell xD

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    All I found were pictures documenting my donations and a bunch of screen shots I took to either report someone or cover my ass while I was staff after getting into yet another argument with a player.

    Also I found an old SS of Von Doom (Patrick I think?) who was telling me to fuck off and said all the GMs were useless lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalas View Post
    All I found were pictures documenting my donations and a bunch of screen shots I took to either report someone or cover my ass while I was staff after getting into yet another argument with a player.

    Also I found an old SS of Von Doom (Patrick I think?) who was telling me to fuck off and said all the GMs were useless lol.
    Yo I use to have so many of those "cover my ass" type screenshots. Especially mediating staff disputes holy.

    Think I lost most of those in re-formats of my comp sadly.
    I used to be a GM and ran the forums for a few years, I was the founding member of [Neo's] Strike Team.

    I've been known to locate certain things from time to time.

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    Man, I wish I had something to share, but I haven't got any of my old screenies. Haven't logged into DR in a while, just wanted to say I loved the "real" DR community back in the day and we had some good times.

    Couple of names I remember were memento mori and Cookiemonster. Fuck I hated Cookie...

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