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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben View Post
    I don't know if i will forgive you or not.
    You told me hard things in your thread + chatbox.

    I need time to think about that.
    Whatever floats your boat. Im sorry.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wesley View Post
    Didn't bother me really. I'm used to it (:
    All is forgiven on my end, I've got nothing against you.
    Thanks wesman. I know you have been doing alot behind the scenes and it was really wrong to say something about you. My apologies once more. You are a champ. Thanks Wes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsurugi View Post
    I forgive, but not forget... and that's all I'm going to say about this matter.
    I totally understand Mitsu. You are someone that means alot to me and i have always had mad respect for. You did alot for me and i will never forget that. I am really sorry, thank you.

    I know alot has happened and things will probably be different than before but i do really love this community and all of you guys, believe it or not but yeah even NP.
    As i have said before, i regretted doing all of this before even doing it.
    I really appreciate all of this.

    Once again my sincerest apologies to all of you.

    I know some of you won't forgive me for what happened and ofcourse i understand that but i do hope time cures the problems and i can somehow make things better and we can be like we used to be.
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    I forgive you.

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