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Thread: Miss DR

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    Tbh id pay for server monthly lol not a big deal but yea would need a dev tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo View Post
    I am irrelevant to this matter, if it depended on me DRGunz would still be online; it depends on mainly two factors:

    - Being able to financially maintain a virtual server;

    - Having a programmer who will lead development (since Gunblade is tired of Gunz, which is perfectly understandable).
    Don't take the following as if it's the only way it might happen

    Step 1, Plan the financial aspect of the game to something that would actually work: A balanced game that everyone likes with an actual donation box including a premium system only affecting gear look and not stats that also doesn't suck.

    Step 2, Doing everything else that must be done instead of just waiting on the game programmer.
    -Forums? Check.
    -Item/Gear outline? ____
    -Drafted web front end linking directly to the most important things (donations, premium aesthetic shop, in game account settings, important updates)? ____
    -Development milestones laid out for the coming programmer that must be followed to get the game to the status where people will be able to play, comment and see hard work is already being done without them, donate as a result and come back for more?____
    -Putting all of this in an organized document along with a contract outlining the benefits for the developer even if it's for a free voluntary position (What they're contributing to and how they must follow their outline with some terms negotiable)?____
    -Reaching out the community about this for organization help?____
    -Reaching out to the community for financial help to get the server going once it's ready to get started? (We already know you'll do this).
    -Consider serious crowd funding websites? ____

    Step 3. Once you get the developer, getting him or her to outline back to you the kind of personnel required to do the grunt work that slows him or her down.

    Step 4. Internally testing the new alpha. Actually testing it at different levels and weapons to see how different kinds of players will have fun along with getting it to work with a hosted premium aesthetic shop alpha.

    Step 5. Importing content to the game and shop.

    Step 6. Getting the game ready for OPEN BETA:
    -Financial plan for short hosting.
    -Plan for restricted playtest : combat and questing leveling.
    -Plan to test aesthetic shop via developers only.
    -Get an IRC chat or equivalent going

    Step 7. Get staff and backup staff ready for the Open Beta test days and start advertising for it internally and externally as well as ask for donations along the way:

    Step 8. Open Beta Test day.

    Step 9. Shut down the server.

    Step 10. Get the aesthetic shop up and running.

    Step 11. Fill more essential positions like trust worthy GMs, secondary Server Administrator (just a backup basic handler), extra developers, Support Team for front end.

    Step 12. Get the game ready for an all Level Zero re-launch.
    -early advertisements
    -pick an extremely good release date and readvertise with that
    -Amass the IRC or equivalent with links to it (IRC can be run by webbrowsers, everybody has a webbrowser) for serious discussion related to game atleast from the staff perspective.

    Step 13. Far before the Launch Day, Plan a Day 1 Level 1 tournament with an aesthetic prize and a bonus level.
    Step 14. Plan for monthly tournaments and weekend events before the launch
    Step 14. ...

    Donations will roll in for something that's actually ready to go. Just have to convince people that it's ready to go, give them updates as it goes and make it sure it finally happens. They're not going to donate much at first because scams are a thing, but with transparency and sticking to a plan like the one above the money will keep coming in. People donate to the things they love. Calling the premiums "donations" is terrible. In the future, premiums should be called premiums, and they should not affect gameplay. People who donate don't really want anything in return except for the that which they give the dontions to, continuing its prosperity. (Tax breaks IRL but nvm that). It was really important to make a distinction between those who truly donated and those who essentially just bought premium items in the past. It never really happend. Less important in the future I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennou View Post
    Tbh id pay for server monthly lol not a big deal but yea would need a dev tho
    Its easy to find developer, in DR's Network have alot of developers (im one of them lol) and i can get friends that will help Neo with development

    However, i think that the biggest problem its the money...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin View Post
    Its easy to find developer, in DR's Network have alot of developers (im one of them lol) and i can get friends that will help Neo with development

    However, i think that the biggest problem its the money...
    How much you guys need? I'd fork over a starting sum but where are the guarantees? I'll clear the shit in my private messages. Apparently I'm full.

    Edit: Done. My terms are simple: Refer to me as "Duchesse Aneila, the Sexiest" at all times. All community members are to do this to me. The money shall be yours as soon as this happens.
    Last edited by Aneila; 30-06-2016 at 12:47 AM. Reason: The Sexiest has downloaded all of the messages in text and is now all green!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aneila View Post
    How much you guys need?
    Question for @Neo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin View Post
    Its easy to find developer, in DR's Network have alot of developers (im one of them lol) and i can get friends that will help Neo with development

    However, i think that the biggest problem its the money...
    Getting a developer is easy, I'm also a developer; but getting a skilled coder/programmer willing to work on Gunz is hard.


    I am grateful and overwhelmed by your posts. The thing is, we're tired of working around Gunz...

    The past 10 years on DRGunZ were fun, we were the best Gunz pserver at one point, and we were true pioneers in several aspects. It was one hell of a worthy ride. But it was also chaotic and unbearable at some points, needing a lot of personal sacrifice and inner strength to put up with some matters.

    It's also extremely hard to find someone that would work around the game's source code, most known programmers have already moved on in life, or they're already committed with other servers. Besides, I doubt anyone would actually learn programming languages to work on a game that has its player base decreasing every single day - the servers' upkeep was always a problem, but the diminishing player count was mostly what lead into DRGunz's shutdown.

    DRGunz has been halted, per say, but the Daemons Ring Gaming Network will live on. We've actually been talking about making DR fully safe, by hosting only open source games, or games that can be freely played in private environments. Gunz servers are still, somehow, illegal; and no "if you're ijji/aeria you shall not pass" bullshit ToS can change that, a copyright infringement is what it is.

    Moving on, since we changed to professional hosting services back in 2012, our bills have been always public - the forums went from 9.95$ per month to 11.95$; and we've paid a monthly 19,67 for the virtual server we were using to host DRGunZ, which was pretty good if I may add. The bad part was that 90% of the times it was us, the staff, and few Sponsors paying the bills.

    Moving further on, you have a very well defined plan of action...And we never actually gave DRGunZ that 'last stand' that we wanted...If you could brainwash Gunblade, or any other programmer/coder into working on DRGunZ, you could perfectly have a leading position, and we might be able to give DRGunz one last shot... Our motivation and creativity is dead, yet, I couldn't help suggesting this after reading your post, it was quite refreshing.

    Having a solid player base that we could predict would also be important. We can all agree that no one wants to spend time or money with something that will not succeed. For the first time ever, the community's activity has been falling...Since DRGunZ's shutdown, we went from an approx. 400 active forum members, into the 227 we have now.

    It's good to know that some of you are still interested in DRGunz, I like where this is going.
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    1. I have a friend that is good programmer and coder and i think he able to help us with the currently situation.

    2. In the last month 4+ players asked us questions such "where can i download DRGunZ" or something else. That show that people want play our server. And they wait for it.

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    The fact that copyright infringements still exist without IJJI/Aeria still existing is so ridiculous...
    I'm guessins they have a lease on the game for so many years or something with which they have to work on their creative property with?
    Well I guess it's Maiet's game and they gave them that lease idk

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