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Thread: Game suggestion: Nether

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    Game suggestion: Nether


    I would like to suggest hosting a server for the game Nether, which is currently availible on Steam.

    Nether was one of the (imho) better games to emerge from the '13-'15 survival mmo-craze, but due to poor managment by the company that bought it from the original devs it sadly lost its playerbase.

    Today it exists in a limbo of sorts. The original devs got it back from the asshats that turned it into a p2w bugfest, but they don't have the resources and time to continue the development properly. Instead they have opened the game up for self-managed servers and modding.

    This is honestly my favorite game in the genre, and I feel it has loads of potential as a DR game. The game being dependant on the steam service and its own client might be an issue, but I am not competent enough in these things to know for sure.

    It could also help to draw attention to the other games on the network from the steam community.

    Right now it's priced around the same as a bad pizza and a soda, so please, please give it a try? Imagined that awesome world with events and more people.. It could be so fckin good..

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    no from me,sorry.

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    We are currently working on Minecraft, we will see what games the community wants soon after we launch the server publicly.

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    Honestly, I heard really good things about Nether but never got into it sadly. This could be a possibility but who knows what the future will hold.

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    Ok. I'll get the hardware together and start it myself. If there is any interest among the DR staff to get involved you'll be welcome whenever suitable.

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