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Thread: Gunz activity

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    Gunz activity

    Hi Daemonsring,

    Since the vast majority of friends I played the duel with, including myself, haven't touched the game in the last couple of years I was curious and have some questions for this community!
    How many of you are still playing? And how often? If not at all, how high would you say the chances are that you will play again in the near future?

    It seems that most old players have entered adulthood, finally, with little time on one's hand and greater responsibilities to their family's.

    Thanks &
    Have a good day!
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    I'm still playing on other servers and I'll probably never quit GunZ.

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    I will never quit gunz

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    I cant play other servers. It's just too commercial The only decent server doesnt have any activity. The adulthood is the reason i had to retire and alot of other players arent playing no more however there still are plenty people playing gunz.
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    It's true, life does take its toll on everyone, although we'll always have Daemons Ring to find each other :]

    If you haven't yet, please read this topic for more information on our Gunz server, and our future plans:
    [APRIL 2016] DRGunz news & Possible Minecraft Server

    (Putting this on a big ***CAPS*** for obvious reasons lol, don't want to piss him off heh)

    Until Gunblade hosts a Gunz server for us, I'd personally recommend Freestyle, they have a good Gunz server along with very good people in there, including both staff and players. A lot of DR people is there as well.
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    I'm also playing Freestyle since DRGunz is down . .but yeah, I'll surely move back to DRGunz when it's back.

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