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Thread: January 2016 - Clarifications ~Neo

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    January 2016 - Clarifications ~Neo

    Hello everyone.

    As some of you have noticed, or not, doesn't matter, since I've always been honest and transparent regarding everything - we've had some issues recently :]

    Apparently, someone decided to make an 'abuse report' against us due to DR distributing copyrighted files. I'm actually surprised that no one has done this earlier, since, even nowadays, with a "practically dead" Gunz server, we still have some grudged fellows who make DDoS attacks against it.

    Henceforth, we will have our DRGunZ download links stored on Ovh, accessible through our main website @ - Gunblade has modified what is now our main website, for such purpose.

    Also, I will take the opportunity to give another clarification:

    The first game, and the first interaction I've had with Daemons Ring, and with Richard/Mackintosh, our beloved founder, was on the year of 2003, through the very first MMORPG I've fell inlove to and played - Ultima Online - which we've also hosted again in the past.

    As proof, through webarchive, anyone can easily fetch this post:

    "PhotonIV", as some of you may remember, was Richard/Mackintosh's internet alias for a long time, and his email address as well.

    You may wonder why I am only revealing this now... Well, let's just say that, since this month I've written here about Daemons Ring becoming 10 years old, some other people decided to do exactly the same, despite the lack of veracity of their statements.

    Concluding, I would like to give a personal shout out to Jeff/Jetman (ex-staff) and SecretsOfThePast (known programmer) - both who, when they acknowledged our issues, promptly offered us their aid.

    Thank you both, in my name, and in the name of the Daemons Ring Gaming Network!

    As for the rest of the community, thank you all for your continued support and companionship! What I have said last week still stands, we will give DRGunZ our last shot, and/or then we'll move on to other games.

    No matter what happens, Daemons Ring, is here to stay, my friends!

    Best regards to everyone!
    Neo / Diogo
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    To add to this topic, please do not abuse the abuse system, it can get you in an extreme amount of trouble. Nobody wants to explain over the phone/irc for 3 hours on why the abuse report is fake.
    So please, if if you have an issue, be upfront about it, make suggestions, and furthermore do not insult staff. Insulting staff gets you banned, and nobody wants that.

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