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Thread: Map/Items 2/Quest

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    Map/Items 2/Quest

    Ok starting off for the MAP my idea is DR_Labyrinth 2" now whoever has the ability/skills to make a map should try making this
    Item 1: Goblin Kings Axe (2 Hand Sword)
    Item 2: Mario mushrooms (Food)
    Item 3: Metal Gear Solid (Outfit)
    Item 4: Neos Revenge (Admin Rocket) killing everybody or everything on the map
    Item 5: Liches Doom (Rocket) a rocket launcher that holds 2 bullets that both do 300 damage
    Item 6: Zelda avatar
    Item 7: Playstation Jacket/Xbox Jacket

    Quest 1: Bring deadman back from the old days
    Quest 2: ULTRA GOBLIN KING (3 Goblin Kings NO other NPCs)
    Quest 3: Palmpow Gods (Every final palmpow boss)

    Thank you for reading and I hope these can be made some day.

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    Can't comment much on most of these, but:
    Item 4: You can't make an item that shoots everybody, so I assume what you mean is link it to a command that effectively relays a /kill all, which also isn't possible.
    Item 5: Can't have a rocket launcher that does that because the rocket launcher entity only allows for one bullet to be shot. What could be done is to have one bullet do 600 damage, but that's way overpowered, so maybe only one or two clips...not sure.

    I quite like the other suggestions, though.

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    I ment it holds 2 bullets and only 1 gets shot at a time IF thats what you ment :P but thanks for reading

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    Hey blaze
    i have saw before hat item #2
    My FAVORITE of your ideas is the XBOX JACKET. that very good idea. its should be donator/event item !

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    No console wars here. At least not in this section. (I'm a PS guy now after they fucked up the release of XB1)
    Item 4 and 5 are legit possible. It's like world pickup items that I think Max has been trying to implement either in Infected or Survival. Idk.

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    lol i got a xbox 1 and it sucks so much dick thats why im getting a PS4 for x-mas

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    Try and keep the discussion related to the original post, please...

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