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    Ok first off if you guys could make a new map I would suggest (Mansion 2) where instead of the place being broken in some parts its fixed OR you could make a whole other mansion
    Item 1:For this weapon (Sword) just re-texture the green Lightsaber (Yoda's Lightsaber) into a Blue/Red lightsaber
    Item 2:In other private servers (May be a donator item) is the battle axe
    Item 3:This is already a double sword BUT a keyblade from kingdom hearts
    Item 4:A hat could be Sora's hair from kingdom hearts
    Item 5FULL SET) Darth Vaders full armor ALSO you could make a Lightsaber for him just like Yoda's
    Item 6:Links sword (The Legend Of Zelda)
    Item 7: Links Tunic (Full Set)
    Hope this gives you guys a couple ideas on how to make the characters more fun

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    Thank you for responding umm maybe crouton could make the models for some of these items just msg him if he actually could

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    Item Number 1 I've Seen It Before
    The New Manison Is Pretty Cool

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    I like the suggestions, you should speak to him more to see if he could create one of the things you suggested.

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    Wow thanks for responding Neo maybe i can meet you in-game one day

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