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Thread: Blaze GM Application

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    Blaze GM Application

    Blazes Staff Application
    Your name or internet alias;Blaze

    Your age or date of birth; AGE 14

    Your localization and/or timezone; Eastern Time Zone, UTC-05:00

    The languages that you speak; (CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS)English but can also speak with other languages

    Your field of interest within the staff (GM or Developer);GM

    Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc);im currently in last year of middle school

    Your programming and coding skills/languages; (CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR C++ CODERS) I can not code

    Some of your work from items to interfaces and general GFX;None

    A short description of yourself and your personality;I love playing on DR GunZ,Very friendly and can easily make friends (MarBru/Crouton) I met on my first day on the server and we have played almost everyday sense then.I am always trying to find new members for the community so we can have a more populated server like in the old days.I love helping others when they are new and questing with friends.
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    Yes horrors did inform me but im just submitting it for future reference

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlazeAWannaBePro View Post
    but can also speak with other languages
    Like which other languages...?

    Soporte en Español!
    Will miss you, Hospitable Pyro Jack....

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