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Thread: What you guys preffer to be my next project ?

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    What you guys preffer to be my next project ?

    have 2 options to my next map...what u preffer?

    1. map of duel (DR_Duel)
    2. an skillmap (DR_Skillmap)

    Rate what u preffer and i will start work :P

    -if you guys will decide u preffer duel...i will try to make duel map of combine of Sumo+Citadel Maps-
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    Map of duel, get on it champ.

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    People actually showing up online to play.

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    Duel sounds good, I'll get on today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horrors View Post
    Why are you talking when you haven't been online at all? I've been on daily and never seen you.

    In fact I've been doing TDM/Duel/Quest all night with a good group of people. We've been doing stuff like that for a while now. Never once saw your name in the lobby.
    I log in almost every night to find out that there are 0 people online. What motivation do I have... lol So just because you don't see me online doesn't mean i'm not online either. Different timezones and some days are bleh.

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    I never saw u Al Capone and iam onlline every night and i do Quest / TDM / Gladiator

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