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    Name: Gibsn / Benjamin
    Age: 14.5 (Birthday 20/3/2001)
    Time zone: GMT 3:00+
    The languages that I speak: English + French + Hebrew
    Interest within the staff: GM
    Im currently in the high school
    My programming and coding skills: i work in GTK Radiant (Making Maps For GunZ)
    Proffs: (This is only 1 of my maps. i have more...)
    A short description of Myself and My personality: iam a realy friendly guy and i like help players that have any problems. I have lot of Patience and i like explore lot of things. i love take part in gunz Programmes and events. However i have good contacts with all the players. I will be happy to take part in the DRGunz Staff Team And Help The Community.
    Text telling staffs what i could do as a staff member: As a staff member i should be friendly and helpful to the community. However i need have lot of patience to all the players and fix the problems that they have. However i need be active (i uploaded 41 levels in 2 days). i will invite players to this server and when have 10+ online i will host event. i will Report/Mute players that Spam or Flame. i will host events and try be most active that i can. i got lot of experience in GTK Radiant and maybe 1 day i will make map to this server. i hope you all like this App. i will be happy to take part in the DRGunz staff team and help all.
    Thanks For Listening My App Hope See You InGame
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