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Thread: FlamingFox Gamemaster Application

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    FlamingFox Gamemaster Application

    Your name:

    Your age:

    Your localization:
    Bahrain (Timezone:GMT+3)

    The languages that you speak:

    Your field of interest within the staff :

    Your education or diplomas:
    High School

    Your programming and coding skills/languages:
    Gfx , GTK Radiant

    Some of your work from items to interfaces and general GFX:
    Maps i have done

    My Signature

    A short description of yourself and your personality:
    My name is Ahmed. I am from Bahrain,I use to be a staff member in many servers,i am creative and i am a very active person.

    A small text telling us what you could do as a staff member:
    I can help in growing the server,help players,help in fixing bugs. I use to be a co-owner in a server and use to be a gm in 6-7 servers and a forum mod in 2 servers.
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