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Thread: Banishe's GM Application

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    Banishe's GM Application

    Can i get a close on this thread forgot that i needed 50 posts ...... ( why everybody doing this to me! ) was here in 2013/2014 but nobody was playing so took a break for a bit ill apply again when i achieve 50 post. gonna take a while to have "a month login time" but ill try.~
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    In my experience, the period of activity is important, but to top it off, it's contribution.

    /Close @ request. PM me or other mods when you want to reopen this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsurugi View Post
    Greetings, the postcount requirement has been temporally removed (it will remain in the first post, but won't be applied to the current and close future applications).
    Thanks for your attention.

    Saludos, el requisito de una cantidad de comentarios ha sido temporalmente removido (se mantendrá en el primer comentario, pero no tendrá efecto en los tópicos de aspirante actuales o de algún futuro cercano).
    Gracias por su atención.
    Why u no read all the posts?

    Soporte en Español!
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    The blonde Spock strikes again!
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    LOL What a fucking mess
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    f-fuck you wes!

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