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Thread: Sophies gamemaster app

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    Smile Sophies gamemaster app

    Real Name: Sophie
    GunZ Name:Sophie
    Age: 22

    Language(s) spoken fluently: English
    Location: Canada
    Time zone: you can find out what your timezone is at
    How many hours can you be active every day? Please be specific.

    Sunday: 10-12 hours
    Monday: 5-6 hours
    Tuesday: 5-6 hours
    Wednesday: 5-6 hours
    Thursday:5- 6 hours
    Friday: 5-7 hours
    Saturday: 10-12 hours

    Please answer the following questions entirely in your own words.

    Tell us about yourself (who are you and what do you do):
    -> Well, my name is Sophie. I watch anime, play league of legends, and I sometimes play minecraft.

    What are you generally interested in?
    -> I'm interested in anime,

    What do you do when you're not playing GunZ? (rough sketch of your daily life)
    -> I am either at school, out with my friends or i'm eating food.

    How long have you been with the GunZ community?
    ->About 5 years

    Have you ever been banned or muted on GunZ? If yes, why?
    -> Nope

    What type of reputation do you believe you have in the community?
    -> I believe I have an normal reputation, the same as regular players.

    As staff, we are required to speak in a professional, well mannered and positive way. How do you feel about this?
    -> I feel normal because I always speak in a professional way, either at school or in Gunz.

    What interests you most about being a Gamemaster?
    ->Helping others when needed, and chilling with staffs.

    As a GameMaster, how would you serve the community?
    -> I would serve the community with solutions to their problems.

    What would you say the expectations of a Gamemaster are?
    -> Helpful, kind, friendly, thoughtful.

    What makes you better and more qualified for this position than others?
    -> I've spotted a lot of hackers, spammers and i know most of the hacks.

    How is your relationship with the staff team? Explain.
    -> Good

    Do you have any previous experience being a GameMaster?
    If yes, do you have any proof?: Nope


    How would you define: hacking
    -> A cheat program that isn't part of the game and it gives you an advantage to other players.

    How would you define: rule violation
    -> An act of doing something that isn't allowed.

    How would you define: harassment
    -> Aggressively pressure, annoyed, curse.

    How would you define: third party programs
    -> A program that isn't part of the game.

    For these questions (question 1 to 14), use the following answers only:
    Strongly disagree -- disagree -- neither disagree nor agree -- agree -- strongly agree

    1. All hackers deserve to have another chance to make a new account after being banned:
    -> Disagree

    2. No hackers deserve second chances:
    -> Agree

    3. If a user is questing with a hacker he should be banned as well as the hacker:
    -> Disagree

    4. If a user is asking for hacks, he is going to hack in the future:
    -> Agree

    5. If a user accidentally mentioned the name of another server they should be punished as if they were advertising:
    -> Disagree

    6. It is more important to respond to an in-game hacker report than to a forum report:
    -> Agree

    7. It's a good idea to take a look at the forums at least once a day:
    -> Strongly Agree

    8. If a user is muted for spamming he/she shouldn't receive a warning after spamming again:
    -> Agree

    9. It's fine for a user to ask a staff member in-game when they will be unbanned/unmuted:
    -> Agree

    10. On occasion, acting immature isn't that bad:
    -> Disagree

    11. A good reason anyone would want to be a GameMaster is so they can help host events:
    -> Disagree

    12. The best part of being a GameMaster is keeping the community clean from hackers:
    -> Strongly Agree

    13. The best part of being a GameMaster is helping the community with their questions and concerns:
    -> Strongly Agree

    14. Arguments are okay as long as they are started for a reasonable reason and talked about in private:
    -> Agree

    Situational questions

    A player asks you to disconnect another user that is in clan war against them. He or she claims the user is hacking. How would you respond and what would your actions be?
    -> I would say "I will join the cw in hide mode and see with the user is hacking. If he is then i'll ban the user.

    Some player is harassing another user through a whisper. He/She asks you to mute the user because he/she is bothering them. How would you respond and what actions would you take?
    -> I would tell the player that is getting harassed to get screenshots of the player harassing you through whisper, also tell them to stop. If they don't stop, make a post in the support section. If the player has enough proof then i'll mute the user.

    You come across a user with an inappropriate character name. What would your actions be?
    -> I would ask the user to change the character's name.

    You find two users arguing in the lobby; how are you going to prevent the argument from escalating any further?

    --- Please stop fighting. If you continue, i'll mute both of you.
    You see another GameMaster arguing with a member of the community. What actions do you take against each person?

    Member: Sorry for the GameMaster's behavior. He was just being silly.

    Gamemaster: You should know not to argue with members. Don't do it next time, also i'm going to inform other gms about what happened today.

    You enter a private room and you find a user hacking and another user asking where to download the hacks. While you are watching, the hacker gives the other user a website to download the hacks from, and they continue talking. Obviously, you ban the person who is hacking, but what actions would you take against the other user?
    -> I would tell the other user to don't even think about hacking unless you wanna get banned and never play this amazing game ever again.

    You see users in a private game talking about hacking in the near future, but they are not hacking at the time. What actions would you take against both of them?
    -> I would warn those users and tell them not to hack unless you wanna get banned.

    You see a user accidentally advertise the name of another private server. What would your actions be?
    -> I would tell them to not advertise any other private servers.

    You see a user asking in the general lobby if he can be unbanned, how would you respond and what other actions would you take?
    -> I would check why the user is banned and if it's reasonable, then i'll unban.

    You see a user who is not staff using staff-only items in a public game. What actions would you take?
    -> I would ask them where did you get these items and i'd delete it from the user who has it.

    A user asks you a question of which you aren't entirely sure what the answer is. What would you do?
    -> I would ask other Gamemasters for help.

    Another GameMaster bans a friend of yours for hacking. What would you do?
    -> Nothing, he deserves it.

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    Excellent application, however you don't meet the required rule of having at least 50 posts. You can bump this thread when you meet that requirement.
    Quote Originally Posted by Horrors/Sane View Post

    Post your application here if you want to help Daemons Ring Rebirth GunZ, we've a very competent, active and united team and we only recruit people when we need them so don't expect to be hired just for posting here, by submitting your application you allow us to use and keep your personal information for future reference to be analyzed and discussed if necessary.

    *Currently applies to GM team*
    You MUST have been with this community ACTIVELY for at least a month's period of time prior to posting your application.
    You need at least between 50-100 posts that are not in any of the spam and off topic sections of our forum, you need to show us that you are useful and are willing to work for the job. You don't need powers to show us you can be useful.
    *End of GM team requirements*

    Your staff application must contain this information or more:

    • Your name or internet alias;
    • Your age;
    • Your localization and/or timezone;
    • The languages that you speak; (CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS)
    • Your field of interest within the staff (GM or Developer);
    • Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc);
    • Your programming and coding skills/languages;
    • Some of your work from items to interfaces and general GFX;
    • A short description of yourself and your personality;
    • A small text telling us what you could do as a staff member.




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    We can see that you have extended the format that NP kindly brought in the last post, but unfortunately you do not meet the requirements that also appear in the quoted post which is in the second paragraph:
    50-100 useful posts (not spamm).

    That requirement is mandatory and we have rejected many applications because those users do not meet it.
    However, as them, you're free to apply again once you've used the forums proving us your interest for the community through posts.

    Good luck!

    Application rejected.

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    In your next application, if you decide to make another, I would like to ask you to, please follow OUR application guidelines; please don't copy paste anything from other forums.

    Especially from forums that are moderated by a bunch of corrupt, abusive, and immature children; in which their buddies are allowed to break whatever rules they want, and where rules only apply against whoever isn't a 'staff buddy'. Sad, disgusting, but true.

    It's nothing personal against you, my dear. We just don't want them to think that we actually need anything at all from that type of individuals. Those who like to frame and set up whoever applies their very own rules against their 'staff buddies'.

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