Note : IF YOU NEED MORE PROOF TELL ME i try in other server i got decilnd i worth to try here !! :3
Your name or internet alias; Google
Your age; 20
Your localization and/or timezone; ISRAEL GMT+2
The languages that you speak; (CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS) Spain
Your field of interest within the staff (GM or Developer);Developer
Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc); graduated high-school next year the college I graduated high-school PROGRAMMER
Your programming and coding skills/languages; skills/languages c++ Blender, GIMP I don't have that much experience; but I feel like I'm not that bad and being developer here would motivate me even more.
Also, current devs could help me getting better.
Some of your work from items to interfaces and general GFX;
First thing I made - FFVIII Lionheart.
Minecraft Sword.
FFVIII Lionheart V2.
NoName Fantasy Sword.
NoName Random Sniper Rifle.
Just read a tutorial for clothes, will work on more soon.
A short description of yourself and your personality; as will i said im 20 years old i can Help developer team :3
A small text telling us what you could do as a staff member. I will be trail staff after this Staff if i was goood !