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Thread: Quests & Old Items

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    Quests & Old Items

    Hey, random person right here! I was wondering if it was possible to bring back some of the custom quests from old DRGunz. I recovered the old Ruin quest recipes which brought back so many good and bad memories of slaughter and mayhem! I tried to see if they were added in today but it seems like they weren't - those, the ice quests, evil pacman

    Also, as mentioned before this game is lacking the Demolition rifle, that old legendary spray-and-pray high ammo rifle. There was that and the Red Devil Shotguns, the Blue Patriots (which might have been replaced by the Brazilian Revolvers), the aqualung, and any other weapons.

    So yeah, I was just wondering if these items were going to be added in. Apologies for any grammar issues, I'm about to pass out. XD
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    What is this Evil Pacman? Sounds nice, I tried to look for some info or video of it but cant find anything.

    I also never played ice quests cause im kind of new, looks really badass , haven't seen it on any other servers. Did everyone remove it?

    Hope they put in upcoming update!

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    Tempestdarkwolf Guest
    Evil pacman was a mod released a long time ago. The map was a pac-man style maze with thousands of Ghost mob models which supported the boss. Evil Pac-man himself looked badass; an angry Pac-man with razor-sharp, bloodstained teeth. It was an awesome map and an awesome boss. When you kill him, I believe one of his drops was a dual-aqualung blade, which I find is a damn good dual wielding weapon. You won't find many videos or info on Pac-man, unfortunately. Hell it was hard enough for me to find relative info on the Ruin or Ice quests (since I forgot about them >.>; ).

    I think there might has been a few other quests that I am missing...hmm...must do more research o3o.

    I am hoping they do, as well!
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    Sounds so great, wonder who made it. Gotta checkout those other quests too, ruin and ice. Theres also the one with like soldiers running around at you superfast like high on cocaine similar to the Zombies in Infected Mode. Only seen it once when a dev here on DR, think it was Jetman, came in and told me to accompany him cause he was testing for bugs and it was badass too.

    Oh and you write pro descriptions. Should get into journalism.

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    I take such words with the utmost gratitude, those quests were probably my best Gunz work...They were quests with maps and NPC's designed by The Jews and [Thief], and written by myself back in 2010.

    They will come back eventually; actually, since Jetman's name was mentioned, he's the person who knows exactly what's going to be released in the next patch, along with Gunblade obviously, and others. Unfortunately, I've been absent since the past 4/5 months due to personal reasons, so I'm not in the proper position to answer your question.

    Please be patient, thank you!
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    Old quests were amazing, hope the come back soon after (or rather in) the next patch. I remember in 2012, there was a bad quest bug that allowed you to power through levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo View Post
    aww man now i miss thief

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    Yeah the old quests are going to be added to the client in the upcoming patch. I apologize for the patch taking so long, but I want to make sure everything's 100% functional before releasing. I only have a few more things to fix & it should be all set.

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    Quest XP BP

    Goblin King Mansion 300000 1000
    Fake Goblin King Mansion 180000 600
    Thunder Goblin King Mansion 360000 1000
    Dwarf Goblin King Mansion 360000 1000
    Giant Lizardman Prison 18000 60
    Broken Golem Prison 24000 80
    Superion The Tainted Dungeon 300000 1000
    Aneramon The Wicked Dungeon 300000 1000
    Lich Dungeon 360000 1000
    Palmpoa Commander Mansion 240000 800
    Palmpow Prison 300000 1000
    Cursed Palmpow Dungeon 360000 1000
    Vulcan Spectre Mansion 800000 100000
    Vulcan Massacre Mansion 650000 60000
    Ghost Of Ruin Future Mansion 650000 25000
    Ghost Of Ruin Present Mansion 500000 25000
    Ghost Of Ruin Past Mansion 375000 25000
    Massacre Of Ruin Mansion 250000 25000
    Coffinfeeder Mansion 800000 100000
    Force Fed Broken Glass Mansion 600000 50000
    HammerSmashedFace Mansion 650000 50000
    HammerSmashedFace Mansion 500000 50000
    HammerSmashedFace Mansion 375000 50000
    Cyanide Assassin Mansion 225000 50000
    You Have Been Naughty Mansion 800000 100000
    The Ice Ghost Mansion 650000 100000
    Mrs Claws RAWR Mansion 500000 25000
    Frostys Revenge Mansion 500000 25000
    Ice Cave Mansion 150000 50000
    Ice Cave Mansion 300000 100000
    Ice Cave Mansion 450000 150000
    Evil_Pacman Mansion 700000 25000

    This are the quests the update will have ^_^, I don't know the combos though.
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    Is the guerilla soldiers in that list?

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