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Thread: Shingeki No bahamut: Genesis

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    Shingeki No bahamut: Genesis

    A very interesting Anime if you like comedy combined with action, that I'd like to recommend.
    I got into this earlier and I usually don't follow anime that releases every week because I lack the impatiŽnce.

    If you want to watch it but want a clue what it's about, click the spoiler button


    Favaro (A lowlife sorta-criminal that kills monsters for bounty) accidently makes a contract with a girl named Amira, (Half Angel, Half demon)
    She looks for her mother wich is probably in Helhiem, and claims Favaro as a half demon for her search.

    Favaro (not so happy with his demontail) tries everything to break the contract to lead his life caressly free

    Kaisar, wich used to be a knight from a prestigious family is now aswell a bounty hunter and chases Favaro.
    Favaro and his enemy/friendship-like bond with Kaisar (who blames Favaro for murdering his father) get's both of them in trouble most of the times but somehow luckely they get praised to protect Amira wich seems to be holding some sort of god-key and is very important.

    Bahamut is an ancient godlike dragon that could arise again and destroy the world with all mankind, And this must be prevented.

    Along the way of Favaro, Kaisar and Amira their clan grows as they meet new members along their way, with their main goal to protect Amira.

    The art is more old-fashioned then these day's anime and the funny moments often remind me of Cowboy Bebop.
    Great show for anyone that is looking for an deepgoing Anime with a good story that keeps in mind.

    It's worth the wait every week!

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    Watched some AMVs looks likd a awesome anime i also set in the list of the anime suggestion thread as you already know. Thanks for sharing


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