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Thread: Is Diablo III overrated?

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    Is Diablo III overrated?

    I played it for a total of 23 hours and only reached level 35 as a wizard. It seems most people reach around level 40 in around 14 hours by soloing. I did co-op on half my quest.. and I realized.. There's nothing special about this game. I understand now that it isn't an MMO like WoW.. and it's a completely different genre.. but still.. The game doesn't offer anything unique. You get like all your skills when you reach level 30. And compared to Guild Wars 2.. which has a grand total of 250 skills for each character. Phenomenal graphics and guild wars. Intense PVP.. and there is so much more. It is completely revolutionary.. I was impressed when I found the videos on youtube. I think Guild Wars 2 will be way better than Diablo III.

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    This guild wars advert is painful.

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    Guild wars 2 is lame. The Pve is shit. There is no gear everyone is the same in pvp. Skills are all lame because they are weapon based. GW2 is a useless game.
    Diablo 3 is lame simply because... its boring as fuck. And the same thing over and over.

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    if you only got to level 35, then you're missing out on more than half the whole game, because hitting level 70 is where you actually start. everything pre level 70 is like a trainee island; a tutorial. diablo 3 is all about the end game content, like most other games.

    if you're on the american server feel free to add me and i'll be happy to carry you to level 70 so you can actually start playing where it counts!

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    Add skillmaps please.

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