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Thread: Diablo 3 Xbox Legendary Trading

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    Diablo 3 Xbox Legendary Trading

    My friend and I have been doing countless runs on Diablo 3 and cant find the legendary weapons, armor, etc. we're looking for Wizard and Witch Doctor specific legendary items or anything with high intelligence. Also, monk weapons such as Won Khim Lau or the Inna Set.

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    The higher difficulty you play, the better chances you will have of finding legendaries. If you're looking for class set specific items (the green ones that say Demon hunter only, or wizard only etc, then you need to play on Torment 1 or higher.
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    Add skillmaps please.

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    Legendary Material and Deaths Breath drop rates
    Normal: 15%
    Hard: 18%
    Expert: 21%
    Master: 25%
    Torment 1: 31%
    Torment 2: 37%
    Torment 3: 44%

    Torment 4: 53%
    Torment 5: 64%
    Torment 6: 77%
    The same drop rates apply to Death's Breaths, though they have many more possible drop sources.

    Bounty: Monster may appear as a Bounty target.
    Fixed: Monster appears in this location every game (may differ between Story Mode and Adventure Mode).
    Event: Monster is part of an event. (Most events are random spawns and not found every game.)
    Legendary Affixes: Special bonus properties only granted by legendary items. (Can not be enchanted.)
    Item Set: Bonuses for equipping more than one item from this item set.
    Inherent Affixes: Affixes always found on that item. (May be enchanted.)
    Monsters listed are confirmed to drop the materials. Others may drop but are not yet confirmed.
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