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Thread: Northants' - Request A Sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slyhand View Post
    It's possible but they only look good if the actual gif is smooth. That choppy Yoda would look really bad. The first gif could work (I guess?) since it loops nicely but that outline bothers me

    This is an example of a good one:

    Now that is awesome.

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    If you need more info, let me know :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damage View Post

    Made it with paint had a awesome idea for the best signature ever but i don't have photoshop anymore ._.
    abbey and me have forever friendship now
    Damage, you had my forever friendship anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abbey View Post
    If you could do something with this, or this, I will give your my forever friendship. What blends well with whatever render you choose is your call. Same with font and anything else, too. Surprise me.

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