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Thread: Northants GM Application - 29/11/14

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    Northants GM Application - 29/11/14

    This may be seen as too soon, but I feel now is the right time to put myself out there.

    Your name or internet alias; Guy a.k.a Northants

    Your age; 18

    Your localization and/or timezone; GMT / UTC

    The languages that you speak; (CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS) English - minimal french/spanish.

    Your field of interest within the staff (GM or Developer); Game Master / Developer

    Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc); Graduated high-school, achieved national vocational qualifications in administration and business.

    Your programming and coding skills/languages; NONE

    Some of your work from items to interfaces and general GFX; I work as a freelance graphic designer. I have a varied skill-set. I currently work for a large online printing retailer creating modern graphics/designs. I would be happy to become a part of the developing team if someone was willing to take me through some of the file types etc. I think my skills could be applied here, but obviously this would be a learning curve for me. I've edited some items in the past, but it was quite a long time ago. I have no portfolio of GunZ work as of yet. With some guidance, I feel I could be a valuable member of the developing team.

    A short description of yourself and your personality; I'm a happy guy, interactive, willing to socialize with the community. I've been around the GunZ scene for years and years. I've been at DR (on and off) since the start and at many other servers, including one of my own, which I ran independently. I'm here to have fun, meet new people and waste some time playing games - aren't we all!

    A small text telling us what you could do as a staff member; My main priority would be protecting this server. After all, it's something that has been worked hard for. From previous experiences (you would have to discuss this with Neo directly) I feel that I owe something to this place as a token gesture. As stated previously, I love to interact with the wider community and would be the go-to contact for all things DR.

    Thanks for reading,
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    Greetings, part of what a good applicant does is reading the requirements fully and properly, specially when I bumped quoting them 14 minutes before an application was made.
    Feel free to make an application when you meet the requirements made by Nibelheim with the administrative team approval.
    Application rejected.

    Soporte en Español!
    Will miss you, Hospitable Pyro Jack....

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