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Thread: [Remake] galaxy interface.

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    This is a huge improvement to what I saw before, well done man

    AKA Aurora or AuroraUK on other sites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheen View Post
    This is a huge improvement to what I saw before, well done man
    Thank you very much sheen.

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    Where'd the planets go

    I say make the interface as detailed as a signature LOL

    Add planets, black holes, a satelite or two, a comet flying across the sky with a beautiful long tail, and throw in the millennium falcon while you're at it!

    Bonus points for throwing in a random gecko too!(THE GALACTIC GECKO) =3
    Quote Originally Posted by SCARY NEO View Post
    Add skillmaps please.

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    I suppose it's possible to modify how gunz grabs the interface files, but idk if it'd be ideal. People would start messing with xmls, next thing you know the interface is broken.

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