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Thread: Dev app app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warrior View Post
    noooobs i can do that on games (gunz's) u wanna proof when i on private server i dont have any pproblem
    Yep still waiting for proof, provide it by tomorrow or this thread will be locked. Calling us noobs isn't going to make us change our minds, you've provided no evidence that you know how to code. Provide evidence you can code by tomorrow or this thread will be locked and you won't be allowed to ever join the staff. I severely dislike those that try to steal others work and claim it as their own (example, your previous thread you claimed secrets videos were your videos, which btw adding the npc as a playable character isn't hard, considering secrets already released the code).

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    I close this thread and warning you!
    Because you have no respect to other people that really do coding instead of you.
    I can proof this bc of this video That
    you claimed as yours but it is mine.

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