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Thread: Man rapes woman with HIV/AIDS.

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    Man rapes woman with HIV/AIDS.

    27-year-old Richard Thomas does not deny the fact that he raped his sick neighbor to the courts at all. “If she says I done it, then I done it. She tells the truth, she would not lie,” reported Thomas about the victim of his sexual attack. The thing is, there’s something more. Richard Thomas collapsed and was taken to the hospital after being told by Manchester Police that the woman neighbor victim that he raped is positive for the HIV/AIDS Virus. She has HIV/AIDS, and most likely, Thomas, the rapist, 27, probably now does TOO! The crime took place one night after Thomas had been out excessively drinking and taking drugs on a binge. He decided that night to break into the house of his woman neighbor and rape her as she lay unconscious from having taken sleeping pills. She regained consciousness to find Thomas raping her. Thomas had known she was sick and now he knows with what.. She has HIV/AIDS. Since he raped her, Thomas has to be tested. The results are not yet in, but chances are that his victim infected him TOO.
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    rape 101. wear a condom if ur gunna rape someone.

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