Hey there,
i will try and make this as less professional as i can.
Am here to apply for whatever part i can serve in this community
that i gladly want to be a part of, i do posses proper english but you wont
see me using that ingame as much as you would like.
The reason for this is it feels more human to me than using correct english.
I like trolling flaming and whatever darude - sandstorm.
No not really, i do like to make jokes and have a good time with players.
I've recently been catching up people and trying to be as helpful as i can.
Explaining how much fun building the community together would be at a small start.
Not sure what im applying for, something in the direction of
community help.
I think i can serve a role in this as i might be the most active player right now.

no charge
For personal info reply and i will send anything you want to know.