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Thread: Haxor Game Moderator/Developer Application!

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    Haxor Game Moderator/Developer Application!

    Your name or internet alias;

    Your age;

    Your localization and/or timezone;

    The languages that you speak;

    Your field of interest within the staff (GM or Developer);
    Both,I like to help other Players/Staff, I can active player in-game/Forums so if they want Help they can ask me.
    I like to Ban Hackers/warn players if they did something wrong,
    I'am not going to lie and say my life's goal is to ban all hackers from RGunz, I will say I will do my best to make this
    Server active and get more players as I called my friends, i'll put 100% to do my best for RGunz, I'm not like other people who wants to be a GM just for hosting events,And these noobie stuff.
    i am a mature and professional Guy i want to be a Game Moderator Because i like helping Players And managing a Server.
    & Im A good Event Hoster i know how to Host Events Pretty well and fair.
    I will work hard to make this server get better and better , I understand that you can appreciate difference without agreeing
    with it ,I will bring my knowledge of years of experience in Gunz and corporate it to help and Grow the community in my own way.
    I will not let people spam in this private server . I will make sure hackers are banned from igunz . I will help players whenever they need help
    and i will guide them to the correct way , I am approachable.I Believe I can do the job of GM to a high standard
    I am helpful, I'm dedicated, I know my way around people, I believe I am mature and I know how to best deal with situations,
    if I ever need help I ask other staff for help to judge a situation.
    I can help the players in the server, I can enforce the rules and ill always listen to reports of members ,ill help the community with getting rid
    of Hackers/Abusers, I have the knowledge and wisdom to guide the other staff and train the staff to come. I can help with most non-server sided issues
    and issues that I have the power to use/change.

    Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc);

    Your programming and coding skills/languages;
    GTK Radiant / Photoshop / Blender(Not so pro)

    Some of your work from items to interfaces and general GFX;
    i re-edited some stuff in 2015 and by mistake i deleted my work of 2014 and i have stopped doing Developer work and now im back and i've made couple of maps and if any "Staff" member wants to see my work on 2015 please reply this and tell me to that , And ill pm you my work.

    A short description of yourself and your personality;
    My Name is Yousif, 17 years old Boy, I'm a kind of a good person, That likes to help other people.
    I'm a Friendly person, Easy to be friends with.
    I am Kind, Sportive, Faithfull, Mature, Honest, Trustfull Person.
    I am a caring,loyal.happy,creative, with myself (mostly),good person (mostly).
    I reach out to people when I think they’re in a bad space, I say sorry when I need to (most of the time).
    Ill be a good friend,and a good listener.I am also good with words.I am open to new things.I willing to admit when I am wrong.
    I can see my faults (most of the time),I learn from my mistakes (most of the time).I’m aware of other people’s feelings.
    I get things accomplished.
    ->ill describe my self in 10 words : >
    1.) Motivated
    2.) Friendly
    3.) outgoing
    4.) Responsible
    5.) Dedicated
    6.) Polite
    7.) Hardworking
    8.) Helpful
    9.) Independant (as in, you dont need 2 be told over and over again inorder to know what to do)
    10.) Trustworthy
    -Im Professtional

    A small text telling us what you could do as a staff member.
    I am qualified for the position I'm applying ,because i can help RGunz , The players in it .
    ill ban hackers, warn spammers, ill help a lot, I like 'Helping', ill more and more care about RGunz And
    I'll be more Active, ill host Fair events, ill never lie to a staff or a normal player, i'll give 100% ill do my best at being a GM
    Even though I don't get accepted ill still Help, I'm not here just to be a GM. I'm here to help this gunz to grow, bring more people,
    And I can manage the activity In-Game And as well as Forum Activity. I know how to be a Game Moderator And how to Be/Act in the game as well as forum,
    I know the action should be taken in everything as a GM, as well, I am an active player In-Game And Forums, And if there is any problem with players
    Disrespect, insult, etc. I will do my Job as a GM, Ill Try the best To make the Forum/In-Game out of Spammers, Insulters, Disrespecters, Etc.
    A server needs to be Equilibrium And Stability which I can Bring Forth,Its my Duty as a GM to manage the Game/Reports/Etc, And I will do it.
    ,I'll Be Active like 3-7 Hours, I really would contribute my dedication and help the server improve. And i am a Hard Working Person, Friendly, TrustWorthy, I like playing
    RGunz Its So Fun And A Competitive Game.I was Playing Gunz Like 6-9 years Ago,ij*i Gunz And some others that I can't mention, Ill Listen to staff Orders,
    I'll Be Nice to all players, And I will be a Great Staff Member, I'll do Fair Events, Etc., I believe I can help a lot, I don't tolerate rule breakers such as hackers and swappers, Etc.
    I have no tolerance for those Player Who do not show respect to their Staff, Like I said I play Gunz a lot, And I know A lot about it.

    Closing :
    -Thanks for Reading my application
    -Hope to get accepted!
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