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Thread: A Diablo Game without face to face trading feels... wrong

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    A Diablo Game without face to face trading feels... wrong

    Let me say I love most of the changes that were made, and the security in knowing very few people are playing with store-bought gear is nice to say the least. The game certainly feels "fair" for the first time since before RMAH, but...

    no trading here feels wrong. It's diablo, a trading game, a game centered around trading, with no trading.

    On the other hand, it is refreshing playing an arpg online in a (mostly) self found way. I just wish they had a separate league for this type of play is all.

    If you're going to let me trade with my friends for four hours, let me trade with them whenever. Makes very little sense.

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    Tailor, best way to trade.
    If there's a mailing system you can even negotiate prices.....

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    Just got Reaper of souls a couple of days ago tbh I miss the auction house :d

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    Auction House in Diablo 3 is the reason Diablo 3 had one of the worst reputations in the world. Because of the extreme difficulty and horrific drop rates, spending your real money from your job INTO diablo 3, was the only way to really gear your character without suffering, which was terrible. This slowly dwindled over time, but it literally not only removed all fun from the game, but lead you to follow a complete mindset dependent on the auction house, rather than be dependent at not sucking at the game.

    Reaper of Souls has certainly made SIGNIFICANT improvement where Vanilla lacked, Especially with their newest patch on their test realm at the moment, which should bring back more diversity and balance, Make Two Handers finally not trash, and incorporate a Ladder system (similiar to D2 but leaderboards will be for the *Greater Rifts* being implemented)

    As for base value trading, i agree, trading should be brought back for sure. Blizzard's main beef with it is botters and such just earning you items, and that pretty much makes it the same as the AH in the first place but more shady and less effective. Someone once created a great idea which would/could prevent almost all of that while still being cautiously fair, which was to enable full trade to anyone you've spent over 10 hours in game time with (no one trying to make money from botting would spend 10 hours per client for 10-20$ max, 5$ min, it's not worth it at all) and would still be great afterwards, since it'll increase activity, knowing that someone you know could scratch your back and you could do the same.
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