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Thread: Which game do you think has the better loot?

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    Which game do you think has the better loot?

    World of Warcraft or diablo 3?

    I know diablos items are random and wows items are set, but which do you prefer? Do you like knowing anything can drop or do you want to go farm a boss with a set loot table and hope to get that great item?

    Do you like diablos colour system or would you prefer wows uncommon, rare, epic and legendary system?

    Which game do you think has the most fun legendary items?

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    i like the idea of random drops cause for and ultimate weapon to be drop from a "certain" enemy kinda eh to me but for me kill a random monster and get amazing weapon i can be "AW SHIT DAWG CHECK OUT WHAT I GOT AW YEAH" and with the color system i can take or leave but it makes be quick to realize you got an amazing item now with game have best drop i like believe diablo 2 has best drops but that my opinion

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