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Thread: Diablo legends...

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    Diablo legends...

    Anyone know if you have to buy Diablo 3 and The reaper expansion with it as in like 40 bucks each or can I just buy Reaper of Souls expansion for 40 and it is all the content? Never bought Diablo 3 when it came out so could I just get the expansion and play?

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    I thought d3 itself was downloadable.... Hopefully Ixie sees this thread soon....

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    if your talking about the PS4 one then i believe you get everything but i think it DLC for D3 i'll double check

    EDIT: okay yes you must own the original diablo 3 to play reaper of souls cause it an expansive not a stand alone game
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    I think you need both theres diablo 3 forums for this though ...

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    Both are required
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