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Thread: Difference between MMO and Single player RPG

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    Difference between MMO and Single player RPG

    This has been bandied about for ages on this site, but I feel some very basic clarification may needed.

    Single Player RPG

    Linear, pre-fabricated storyline with some branching decision points.

    World is a back drop or merely a set for scenes.

    "Think of a line (or a path) as a metaphor for such a game."


    Free destiny for players. Their dynamic in-game realities become their stories and need not be pre-written or overly guided.

    World is the environment.

    "Think of a circle."

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    not really. single player sandbox games have no pre-written or guided story and can be single player. i think its mostly about the mass multiplayer environment.

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    Depends on the game. There are single player RPGs that have MMO qualities. To me, I think the difference in them is really the fact that you play with other people from around the world in a MMO rather than playing on your own.
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