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Thread: Voting Reward System :)

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    Cool Voting Reward System :)

    Voting Reward System:
    I've seen this on major servers it seems to work well so its not like people are voting for no reason anymore they actually benefit by receiving items that could have a rental date and so on... also major company's like " Riot Games" for example has a similar system like this expect there's is with social media..

    For Example :20 Votes = JJang or Event item of choice , or perhaps : Voters item of choice ( Yet to be made ). < this was just a example but if Gunblade or Neo decide to make this idea come to reality pretty sure they will make it semi easy and semi hard to achieve a item of choice and it doesn't have to be donater or event it could be custom items sent aside for this.>

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    Smart idea Tiger, voting system in other servers and other games have been proven to be a successful system. Usually if it's like 20 votepoints per item and 12 hours to vote. That means you can get an event item in like 24 days or 12 days depending on timing of vote.

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    10/10 would vote
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    I want RP for voting.

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    Back then I suggested temp donors/event stuff =S

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    10/10 would vote
    Thanks man, i have alot of ideas but i have been waiting for people to actually respond to my thread since this is the first thread people actually respond to i am really happy and might share more ideas soon. Thanks Bro!

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    I want RP for voting.
    LOL haha i wish the same.

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    Back then I suggested temp donors/event stuff =S
    from my assumption your idea + my idea will equal a win however like i stated before it doesn't really have to be donater there could be custom items set aside for voting only and the items would have similar stats as donaters or events whatever path Neo + Gunblade chooses.

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    I'm still waiting for a reply from the "top site list" staff because they've allowed me to change our domain from into when we started these forums, but for some reason I can't change the domain again, into, so all the hits there lead to a dead domain...(

    I will wait a few more days, and then I will probably create a new account.

    I was going to start a banner contest a few days ago, but I was unaware that the Signature of the Week was going to happen; which ended up being good since, most likely, I will have to remake our voting links.

    When we get everything setup, we'll then discuss rewards.
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