Signature Of The Week
The contest starts every weekend, though it can vary depending on how busy the host of the contest is.
Submitting lasts the whole week, after that, there is another week to vote for the submission you like the best when the poll is up.
The cycle continues. The exact dates are always mentioned in the thread that announces the theme of that week.
The signature which wins the contest will be placed in the SOTW Hall of Fame.

1. The MAXIMUM size limit for any and all signatures is 500x200px. (Unless stated otherwise by the SOTW Host.)
2. The Signature you are entering must be YOUR signature.
3. Ripping, defacing, editing dated .PSDs are considered an automatic DQ.
4. Your first entry is your FINAL entry. Make it count.
5. The signature will be voided if it does not match the theme.
6. No animated signatures. (Unless the theme related to animation.)
7. Voting on multiple accounts is not allowed. Nor can you ask players to vote for yours. You will be DQ'd.
8. You cannot vote for yourself; Nor may you use your signature. Only until the votes are in and a winner is chosen.
9. All ENTRIES are to be sent via PM to the SOTW Host.
10.Do not sign your signature. It will be considered a DQ. Signatures will be kept anonymous until the winner is chosen.

Each week a new host will be chosen. Participants may rotate with Judges of the previous SOTW if the judge wishes to participate during the current weeks' SOTW.
The SOTW Host and Judges are to be announced prior to the SOTW starting.
Judges will judge your signature based on. 1. Originality, 2. Delivery, and 3. Quality.

This Week's SOTW
Link will be updated bi-weekly.

This Week's SOTW Poll
Link will be updated bi-weekly.

Thanks and let the SOTW Weekly contest begin!