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Thread: Anime Spring season

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    Anime Spring season

    I want to hear your thought about the spring season ->

    what did u like? hate?.. etc

    Personally I'm stilling watching No Game No Life, and its looking good.

    Let me hear your opinions.
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    No Game No Life
    Black Bullet
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    The spring line up isn't bad, but i was hoping for horror/action based anime. Some of these animes are good such as No Game No Life and Black Bullet, I still haven't watched all of them yet tho. If anyone sticks out ill update my post. Also please tell me if there are any this season worth watching in your opinion.

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    No Game No Life
    Black Bullet
    These are my favorite this season as well. =]

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    Re: Hamatora pls

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    I listed the Anime Summer list

    Though my favorite anime that I liked was..

    No game No life
    Nanana's Buried Treasure
    The World is still beautiful
    The Irregular at Magic High school
    Black Bullet
    Brynhildr in the Darkness

    This list from the Spring was very eventful and I hope I gave some insight on which animes that you haven't watch a chance.


    Uhm that's summer dude!

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