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Thread: Open staff applications for Coders ~ AKA Me.

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    Open staff applications for Coders ~ AKA Me.

    I'm seeing a lot of requests from people about having additions to the source involving new game modes and simple fixes needing to be made and yet no coder applications for people such as my self who can offer these services. I'm a pretty well-known coder on multiple forums (I'll hint you : EE) and I've worked on multiple other GunZ as a coder (designing anti-leads, anti-cheats, cwrejoin functions and so on) and I wish at some point I'd be able to do some of that here.

    Just a suggestion.

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    There should be a question about coding skills under the dev applications?

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    The application process for developers and moderators ask about coding language. The way you go about the application is entirely up to you as long as you follow the guidelines
    meaning, pre-app process, and the actual process.
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