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    Quote Originally Posted by MrTheSpy/Djo View Post
    May I know why this problem only happens on DrGunz? :/ I always wanted to play with my bro, but we have that issue everytime.
    It happens on other servers for different people

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    Agent error will be fixed tonight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunblade View Post
    Agent error will be fixed tonight

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    Glad to know I wasn't the only one. Hopefully it will be fully fixed by tonight as said!
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    from the sounds of it looks like the problem could be resolving for multiple reasons. found this source:

    1. Q. My ping from others is always 999/ I can talk with others, but I cannot see
    their movements/ I keep getting agent errors!
    A. The original source of this Q/A was the now-defunct International Gunz


    If you cannot communicate with another player, his ping will display as 999
    (use TAB to see the status). If you see this problem but you are able to
    interact with other players, then your network is fine. But if you cannot see
    other players' movements, it means that there is a problem with interacting
    with other players. Many people call this situation "Ping 999 problem".
    Original GunZ supports players under NAT/Firewall/IP Sharing Router network,
    but unfortunately it is not the case for International Edition, because doing
    so requires high-end hosting servers. Currently we plan to implement the
    support by official release date. Until then the users of NAT or Firewall may
    have problem with playing GunZ properly. If you're behind Firewall, please
    contact with your network administrator or ISP to resolve this problem.

    If you're using IP sharing router, however, there is a way to resolve the
    situation. GunZ supports "Port Forwarding", and you can set the feature with
    your IP sharing router. Most IP sharing router support "Port Forwarding" (To
    learn how to set up Port Forwarding, please refer your router manual). After
    making changes, press "option" in game and check network configuration. Enter
    port number from the router into the port number option box. (This tip may
    come in handy in improving network performance even after the support for
    NAT/Firewall/IP Sharing Router becomes available.)


    * Check to see if you have a firewall enabled, this maybe the default windows
    XP firewall or an external item like a router, if so check to see if this
    program or hardware allows the same port as gunz wants to use to pass through.

    * If you do not use a router or firewall and the problem is appearing from
    using the modem directly, some company stocked modems feature built in
    firewalls (like most Microsoft cable modems do), these can only be edited by
    the ISP, a program they gave you or on there special website with management
    tools (not many have this problem though)

    * Try changing the port that gunz uses by going into the gunz menu and editing
    the number, some people have had good luck with this method for unknown
    reasons, maybe your pc hates port 7700.

    * If you use a router or a firewall that supports the same sort of features,
    make sure ports 7700 are open as well as any other port you change to in the
    gunz menu, this has helped alot of people.

    * If your internet speed is slow, your max players per game is limited by quite
    a bit, some 512/128 internet users may find there fine with 8 players but lag
    to 999 for everyone if in a 16 player game.

    * Some times, all you need to do is relogin into the game ** If this is your
    first time getting 999 Pings.

    * For more information on Networking, check this post : =1

    (might be useless, but that's my google skills.)

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    Go into the properties for the .exe and the launcher and change them both to run as administrator. It worked for me and some others.
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