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Thread: Survival HP Bug?

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    Post Survival HP Bug?

    So I've had it multiple times in survival now; I just try and play and half the times my HP starts, upon spawning into any map, decreasing slowly.
    It's not even because of gunner goblins or something, since there aren't any in that first round. I can give you video footage but it's damn large and I don't feel like putting it up on youtube, so Gunblade, if you wanna see this, please nudge me on Skype.

    I'm really wondering what this bug's about and how it's actually a thing. Seems so weird.
    And if I discover that there's some shitty

        if( == "«Richard»")
    loop in the code I'm going to kick some ass! D:<

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    It happened to me a few times in Quest, but never Survival o.o

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    What really intrigues me is how random it is. I can do like 10 rounds of survival and nothing happens, then suddenly it happens, then next round it doesn't, but the round after it happens again. Just doesn't make sense.

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