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Thread: [Suggestions] Give your suggestions to improve DRGunZ here!

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    [Suggestions] Give your suggestions to improve DRGunZ here!

    Any suggestions are welcome, please post them down below!

    List of all suggestions:

    - Let the players vote for what kind of events they want to do ingame, host a vote on the forums, they can also suggest events.
    - Add control/range stat to weapon description
    - Reconsider speed stats on donator swords
    - Make Pioneer/Pioneer Royale and Breakers 7,8,9P accessible
    - Show numerical HP/AP on your HP/AP bar (For example, 120/120 HP would be shown on the HP bar and 110/110 AP would be shown on the AP bar)
    - Instead of video part 2, create a 2nd Misc (It's easier to spot / a lot more noticeable)
    - Total damage counter on scoreboard (All rounds collectively)
    - Per round damage on scoreboard (Damage resets to 0 after ever round) (Able to toggle between Total Collective Damage and Single Round Damage by typing /damage)
    - Option to see your team mates' hp and ap on scoreboard / somewhere on screen (Similar to the quest scoreboard)

    - Ingame voice chat
    - Ability to create 6-8 characters per account
    - Spawn with default clothing and items on character creation (For example: full sir protector, two level 0 shotguns, rings, meds)
    - Implement rocket launcher meds
    - Implement team heal guns (like the ap heal revolver and hp heal shotgun)
    - Revert back to the black / red themed interface (or an interface that matches the launcher because the launcher looks sick)
    - Add Dead Men Tell No Tales quest
    - Add GIANT LIZARD MAN quest
    - Add Vulcan Massacre / Spectre quest
    - Add spears
    - Add Hall to TDM on event channel
    - Bring some old DR quests back
    - Increase PVP EXP
    - Add updates to the launcher, so you can see what's being updated. (Like a webpage inside of the launcher)
    - Add 640x480 resolution
    - Someway to broadcast your HP/AP
    - /dame to broadcast your damage done and damage taken in chat
    - Change the current F9 interface, it's too plain
    - Coördinates in F9 should be bounded to another key, it's useless for the players.
    - Add the colour Black to the ''^(insert number/letter)'' palette
    - Increase shotgun spread to make it less accuracy, this should be applied to high damage shotguns, it's very easy to PB someone close to midrange.
    - Add Trial donator items (be able to try out every single item for about half an hour to see if you like it, it won't cost anything to try it out, but once the time runs out, you're unable to use it again until you buy it).
    - Option to remove gun sound effects
    - If we're rebalancing again Set a relatively low milestone level for players to achieve competitive items (Pioneer/B8/Yong Yol Rang, 4 clip meds (healing 20hp/ap) and decent rings).
    - Add more sound effects to guns and swords.
    - Give quests a quest-only item reward (Like the Pacman hat/shirt/Armadillo/etc.).
    - Adjust exp in skillmap mode (Seems more like a bug?)
    - Drop DT on donor clothing
    - More kinds of rings (increase speed/increase reload speed/increase weight amount/etc)
    - Lower the cash on quest items
    - Add the Coco~'s Megaman Zero's Sabre
    - Anime quest (really? D: )
    - Add a /report command for normal players, this would allow them to talk to with a GM about the issue they're having.
    - Allow 3-20 letter long names to be created.
    - More skillmaps, for Kiyde.
    - Make the old quest items only accessible from quest again.
    - Add a dot crosshair as a standard .
    - Provide a [DEAD] tag to dead players when they talk in general chat.
    - Add back Matrix-Mansion (If someone got it somewhere, please pm it to ¥oshi).
    - Ingame shop for Beta testers with male/female coat.
    - Unban command for staff / staff logs, so we're able to see who issues bans.
    - Ingame shop for BETA testers with male and female BETA coat.
    - Ingame shop for Phoenix Rebirth items / possibly PT's or RT's, meaning, Tokens.
    - Gifting method for donators.
    - Implent the ChatBox from the Forum into the Chatbox of GunZ so everyone can chat with eachother.
    - Make quest shop items able to be bough in mass (number box 0-99).
    - Enable a character to be created with ; in its name, since : is allowed but ; isn't.
    - Add silence timers in game rooms (useful for events, length of the timer will be set by the GM using that command). Maybe also for ingame use.
    - Bring back the old custom ^0-9 colours.
    - Display your HP/AP values on your HP/AP bar.
    - Bring back the fake longswords.

    [Accepted by Gunblade] - Will be added in upcoming patches
    - Higher the damage of the swords
    - Acces to the Shop while you're in the gameroom
    - Custom BGM
    - Reduce quest exp
    - Add ammo to survival
    - Make an option that removes special items (Meds/Nades/etc.) from the weapon rotation.
    - Option to show sword trail
    - Ability to change camera distance (270 lowest, 400 highest) <-- Will be looked into, not sure if it creates unfair gameplay
    - Ability to freely make clan (Without having to get 4 friends, level 10, 1000 bounty)
    - Ability to change sensitivity with [ and ]
    - Show KDR on the left side of game room
    - Add the sound effects for male and female
    - Re-add elements
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    Smile Powerful Notion(Ideas)

    Auto spawn some sort of donation/special weapon (4 hour items to storage?) after creating an acc. Or when they reach x amount of kills. Popup message box will display when user enters lobby/gameroom.

    In-Game chat can be scrolled

    Game Modes:
    Team Quest - Red vs Blue team. Whoever can either beat x stage faster wins or judged on most kills/damage. Exp gained from npc kills and if the team's stage is won. Players will be randomly chosen into a team (balanced)

    Spectator Mode (gameroom options) - Enable
    Voting (gameroom options) - Enable it so we can disable the use of kicks
    Option box for room tags (check boxes). Can't really fit any text with multiple room names in title
    Option for team shuffle. Option only enabled in team gamemodes. Teams will be randomized every round. (Balanced)

    Clan messages. Have a clan message displayed to clan members when they log in
    Clan control panel so we can kick or promote members on site.
    Clan logs - Who gets kicked, promoted, added, etc.

    Hopefully you take these ideas into consideration, i have not seen any server with majority of these ideas so if you do choose to use them i am pretty sure they will make this server really fun.
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    Cleaned the thread up and put the suggestions in the first post.

    Please keep on giving suggestions!

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    - Add Dead Men Tell No Tales quest
    - Add GIANT LIZARD MAN quest
    - Add Vulcan Massacre / Spectre quest
    - Add spears
    - Add Hall to TDM on event channel
    - Bring some old DR quests back
    - Give quests a quest-only item reward (Like the Pacman hat/shirt/Armadillo/etc.).
    -Bring back the fake longswords.
    - More kinds of rings (increase speed/increase reload speed/increase weight amount/etc)
    - Drop DT on donor clothing
    - allow 3-20 name long
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    The client is nearly perfect, I'm just missing one thing...
    Dual daggers.. they're alot of fun to play with, on the old DR we even created a clan for dual dagger users.
    please bring it back ^.^
    I wouldn't even mind paying for it by donator tokens.
    even if it's just 1 item, I'd be so happy ^.^


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    -Add ingame emoticons?
    -Add a way for the player to see his own ping (Unless gunz doesn't allow you to for some reason)
    You must have Msn Cause I see you don't have Aim.

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    buy crack smoke it then make decisions

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    In short, it would be a quest-like game mode, but for solo questing. During the quest, there would be a timer. Then after the quest, there would be a leaderboard showing who completed X quest the fastest, showing the time they completed it in, followed by the amount of kills and what not.

    I know no one is going to be in favor of this because "no one wants to quest, this is all about PVP and yada yada yada." But that doesn't mean questing should just become obsolete because a group of people despise the shit out of it. I like questing, and a lot of other people enjoy it too. Some enjoy it far more than they do PVP. I'm just trying to think of a way to make it just as important and fun for other players who enjoy questing like I do.

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    Goblin Carnage's goblin gunner start getting a almoste undogdable shot starting around round 13 the aim should be lowered let that also count for other npc's


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    - Time before you talk (if it not been added in the list)

    exemple : [12:11] ParaTurk: Hi guys
    [12:12] Exemple: Hi Turk

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