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Thread: DRGunZ Download

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    DRGunZ Download

    DR GunZ is offline until further notice.


    1). Download DRGunZ from one of the mirrors below.
    2.) When the download completes, run the installer and install to your desired location (default is set to c:/DRGunZ), a shortcut to DRGunZ will be placed on your desktop.
    3.) If you are not already registered on the Daemons Ring Forum, register your Daemons Ring account HERE.
    4.) Your forum account username and password is your DRGunZ account username and password.
    5.) Launch DRGunZ from your desktop.
    6.) Login using your Daemons Ring account.
    7.) ENJOY


    NOTE: Private Message NOPROBLEM, Neo or Gunblade if any of the above links are broken

    NOTE: It can take up to 15 minutes for your forum account to sync to our DRGunZ database, if you made a forum account but cannot log into DRGunZ, wait a few more minutes for the account to sync.

    NOTE: If you install DRGunZ in ProgramFiles or ProgramFiles(x86), the launcher won't update properly on some machines. If this occurs, install directly in C:/
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