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Thread: Solar Freakin' Roadways

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickles View Post
    I know it's science and trail and error and so on but I still don't get the point, I mean isn't it pretty obvious that it would have worked in the first place? Covering a road in heavy duty solar panels is not rocket science. Finding a way to reduce the expenses is the main priority, not proving that it works because everyone knew that already.
    I mean, the whole idea isn't completely impossible. The LED lights are an intense problems, however, simply because of how much it would cost.
    If they were to, say, stop putting down new roads today, and instead put down the material it takes to make each panel, WITHOUT the LED, then it could definitely be a work in progress.

    I didn't see the extensive LED's necessary anyways. It's cool and possibly life saving to see the LED'S light up if something is on the road, but everything else is totally unnecessary.
    I'd say keep the LED out and start using the the material in place of what's being used now.
    Otherwise, It's just too expensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickles View Post
    I did watch some of them, but ours still works as of today. Sooo..
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