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Thread: Got my first penta

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    When I got my first penta, it was with the lightning gun and rocket launcher. Back then we called it.. Monster kill? Anyway UT2003, and it took about 6 seconds. DM-Antalus free for all deathmatch. People were getting pissy over me using the rocket launcher like a mofo (it's not OP). They sort of started going for me because they wanted the fictitious bounty of killing me (again). I had actually picked up the bio rifle and was trying to make my way to the rocket launcher and lightning gun that they were now camping to keep me from getting. I simply used great movement speed to finally barely get the rocket launcher withing even firing back (I had nothing except a bio rifle to shoot).

    I still didn't have the lightning gun, but due to myself roaming the map, I was getting alot of the armor and HP upgrades. I was now safely at 130:50 hp:armor. Feeling ambitious I went to obtain the shockrifle (a fan favourite) and there were a bunch of dbags in there already. I luckily had already charged the bio rifle to full. There were 3 guys inside having a fight with the assault rifle link gun and shield gun.

    Suffice to say I got a multi kill from 1 shot.

    There was still a guy hunting my ass who was much better than those 3, the guy who kept killing me, we traded blows, me using the rocket launcher, him using the shock rifle. I went out the way I came in from there, the place he came in from with expertly executed wall jumps. Hell even I was surprised I was doing wall dodge jumps so perfectly and so far. And I did this while charging 2 rockets and gave them the "fire spiraled" command via the left click while charging them. After my second wall jump I turned around from the area I was leaving and fired.

    "I hope this guy jumps into these 2 rockets" He only jumped into 1, but he still died. Mega-kill!

    I was already in a fight with a guy who was camping the sniper place, he always jumped off the top of the sniper spot regardless of how much HP anyone had and would run around through this long forest path towards the minigun if I recall correctly. I wasn't having it. My first rocket hit the guy, while I was doing an elevator jump to get to his position but naturally he had now jumped off. I Fired a rocket down the path he was running blind.


    good times.

    Oh you're talking about top down multiplayer RPGs? I don't remember my first 5 kill streak, even my one from UT2003 was kind of foggy. But I did recently stack 6 battlefuries on darkseer, suck in the entire enemy team (in DotA 1) and kill them all in a total of 4 auto attacks. (only because some luckily escaped the cleave radius of the first 2 attacks)

    Good times.

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    hf doing that with her new ult

    sidenote : first penta was on kog. r snipe stole a quadra right after a 4man galio ult, and then the last was just given.

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    my first penta was soraka's ult. Penta Heal
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    another penta

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    1st Penta, Ashe, 2010.

    Before the grumpy patches that killed her...
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    My first penta was with Riven. 2nd was fiora.
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    nice job~!
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    ad nid 2012 never4get

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