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Thread: Design a map

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    I'll gladly test it like I did your other ones. They're fun to beat. c:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Diablo View Post
    I'm going to make a stadium in the style of my previous skillmap Mythologia.
    but I have no idea where to start, I want something original and have a few elements of a skillmap shortcuts to the other side so a game of CTF would be challenging.
    So I'd like you to help me design the basics of the map.

    think about Heights, closed spawns, tunnels, and parkours.

    People who helped me with this will have their name (signature) in the map.

    how do you help me?
    make a few views of the map, like a top view, and a front view.

    thanks in advance
    Ok to design in autocad?

    easiest way for me to create the views

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    Quote Originally Posted by Famous View Post
    Ok to design in autocad?

    easiest way for me to create the views
    you can use whatever you like. I just said paint because I know a lot of people dont have photoshop or 3D programs to work with..


    the bases are taking shape, I'm keeping them symmetrical but I gotta make a proper collision.
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    a teambase without proper collision and outer hull.

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    What to do with the roof? I don't want it to be a fighting area so I could just edge it off with the shape of the stadium, or I could add some scenery/more electrical surges.
    anyone ideas?

    I had another idea for the skillmap parkour on higher ground. scattered square fragments to the other base, problem is that its probably gonna be a lot of poly's.
    That's not gonna be a problem for GunZ because Gunblade probably will higher the limit of polygons or simply remove the limit.
    But it can be a problem for people with not the best PC'S
    This is my idea:

    Go with it? or focus on reducing lag...
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