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Thread: [GM] PointB Application

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    [GM] PointB Application

    Q: Green
    A: Red

    Your name or internet alias; David Kim / PointB

    Your age; 15, Born in February 12th 1998

    Your localization and/or timezone; New Jersey, United States. Eastern Time Zone

    The languages that you speak; English(Fluent with accent), Korean(fluent)

    Your field of interest within the staff (GM or Developer); GM

    Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc); Learning computer programming in Highschool at the moment, am a Sophomore.

    Your programming and coding skills/languages; (Visual Basic) (Kind of useless in my opinion)

    Some of your work from items to interfaces and general GFX; (None) (I don't do any graphic designing)

    A small text telling us what you could do as a staff member;I could help you guys host events, and also help you communicating with korean player or user that isn't very good with English. Also I could translate korean words or sentences that you guys need me to do. I'm pretty sure i'm more accurate than Google translate, or other translating website.

    A short description of yourself and your personality; Hi my name is David. I'm full 100% Korean. I love playing gunz, maplestory, league of legends, and other games. Also love playing basketball, also love swimming. Basketball is my favorite sport. I'm attending High School at the moment. I'm very carefree, outgoing, cool, can be annoying, but lovable player. I'm very fast learner in my opinion. Also I love communicating with people, also love using skype while playing. If there is a problem I would rather solve them right away, not procrastinate, because procrastinating would just be more annoying. I would like to end this application by saying thank you all for reading my application. Thank you! Have a wonderful day.
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    we at the Daemons Ring Staff Team appreciate you wanting to apply for a position here, but you'll need to review our guidelines for applying for a staff position.
    I'd like to point out this section in particular for you:

    Quote Originally Posted by Horrors View Post
    You MUST have been with this community ACTIVELY for at least a month's period of time prior to posting your application.
    You need at least between 50-100 posts that are not in any of the spam and off topic sections of our forum, you need to show us that you are useful and are willing to work for the job. You don't need powers to show us you can be useful.
    *End of GM team requirements*
    I'll admit, your application looks nice, and I'm sure Nibelheim, the Game Master Administrator at Daemons Ring, would appreciate the amount of time you've put into this application, but Nibelheim can't hire someone if they haven't been ACTIVE on our forums for at least one month (and it is preferred that you have 50 to 100 non-spam posts).

    The issue here is that while you've made your account back in January, you haven't actively participated on the forums for at least a month.
    Also, your application doesn't include the last two fields:
    A short description of yourself and your personality;
    A small text telling us what you could do as a staff member.
    These are important to include, as it lets us get to know you, which is very important considering that you're applying to work as a team with the rest of us moderators.

    And I'm sure Nibelheim will reply to this thread himself, but I can tell you now that you do not meet the specifications needed for Nibelheim to consider hiring you.

    But don't worry, even if you can't be hired yet, that doesn't mean that won't change in the future. While you're here, get to know some members and staff. Introduce yourself to the community, and relax by playing in our arcade or by playing one of our games, like GunZ.


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