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Thread: Let's play "Kill The Staff"

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    Let's play "Kill The Staff"

    I'm going to run around SuperFlip with no rings and only a training weapon, and I want you to kill me. 10 times.

    There will be 3 winners, so don't feel bummed if you don't win the first time.

    Each winner will get 1 donator item once the final client releases (I won't forget, trust me).

    The event will begin very soon, so log on now!


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    Oct 2010
    Change : I will have rings on for AP.

    Info : Mode is Training so you can spawn kill me or sabotage others.

    Password is apple.

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    Oct 2010
    'grats to the winners:

    Yuki -2 Donors (gave 1/3 to Kojirou)
    Metric - 2 Donors
    Kojirou - 2 Donors (recieved 1/3 from Yuki)

    Thanks for playing.

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