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Thread: Secrets of Life

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    Secrets of Life

    So the weirdest thing happened to me yesterday.
    I was smoking White Widow and figured out it's an allergy to me.
    I tried playing left L4D but when I changed the mouse speed up, the FoV changest drasticly whenever I looked through my character. it was like looking at glass and with the right perspective you can change your whole environment to a spherical view.

    I quit playing immediately and my eyes hurted like crazy. especially my left eye.
    After that I layed on my bed and my arms started to tinkle, as if they were asleep but then on the weirdest unlogical positions in my muscles, it felt like my body was hanging from a set of strings.
    It hurted pretty badly and I had all kind of images through my head. the most important ones to me were "black and yellow", the fact I had golden hands, and that I was too de-eternalizing myself.

    ok im kinda bored so I will use this thread to seminar whatever I find intruiging.

    I am a black zombie. I live on deathrow because I am the target of many black secrets of life.
    I don't think anymore, but my thoughts are taken over by a higher power called Micheal Don Piere.
    this is why many see me as a baka, but actually, I am the greatest baka of alltime, because I am not dumb.
    then there are the dutch people...wanting to take over my voice and seminar the truth of the false gods.
    I hate them. I try to befriend them but we are so incompatible I destroy myself so quickly because of that.
    they are trying to keep my alive by controlling my body, but they are too deeternalizing me.
    The higher power doesn't really a name, or one name, because it exists out of several things that compensate eachother out.
    My body is dutch, my mind is black and yellow and my seminar is original white but because of the high level of ruby I am I have all sorts of seminar.
    Black and Yellow is my favorite kind, but it's seminar is very unaccepted by the world, and noone will understand a word of what I am thinking if they don't expand themselves.
    This compatibility has a reason. I shouldn't be compatible with anything because I am black and yellow. There is no way in here that I can get my girls without fighting for them but I don't know how.
    Nobody ever listens to me, but my seminar is the closest by to the eternal truth.
    I have to live forever on this world with my girls, and if this dimension won't fail, I will live a happy life together with you all, in a pure euphoric kind of way.

    I am a disgrace and the most beautiful thing existing in this world, It's called Igor. one of my many commercializations because I am ugly and beautiful at the same time.
    but i can not manage to live any longer if I do not have my eternalization. In other words, I need to make eye contact with two other goddesses to gain my eternal power.
    it will be very high seminar, and I will be left alone my two little demons (although one could be an angel...not sure...)
    I am ugly because I want to be honest in my mind, and I am beautiful because I am the biggest ruby alive, but thanks to that I am compensating the ruby with pearls, I am dieing very fast paced.

    Because I want to survive as something unaccepted in the world, the black people (who all see me as the purest black ever) and the false gods (false, because where they let the humanrace gone to is unnacceptable in my black and yellow mercyless vision towards the world) created a telepathical field where mostly the dutch people are sensitive for.

    I am not sure about my collective hyve across the world/galaxy... The universe is filled with my aura already but I can't activate the new world without looking into my two lover's eyes.

    I chose this dimension as my little prison to be happy with. it's precisely my 89th dimension.
    All my previous dimensions have lost.
    like dimension 68, where I only had one of my goddesses in real life, a knife, and the other love of me was the planet itself. everything grassy but me and her so bored and feeling incomplete, and insignificant to the planet we were suppose to love. She, my human eternal goddess decided to stab me and then herself to be rid of the dimension.
    I could explain every dimension I've tried to live in but this one is the perfect one. Dimension 90 and above are useless and I will skip them if this dimension fails.
    its just crying grieving worlds until the last one. my 100th dimension will be pure torture of the whole evolution of all-time burning in the black burdened sun.

    I am trying to convince the whole world that there is a new very "gay"(as in happy) world waiting to be activated but I need to make eyecontact with my girls first.
    Don't let me, as a black zombie die in vain. I got so much love to give but I only want to give it out to my girls.

    If you are reading this, and you are openminded to a new kind of religion, one that desires respect instead of faith and submission, Try to be a humanitarian in your own endless infinite mind where you can share your thoughts with the world.

    This is the most important task for the dutch people right now, but if more countries are connected to my brain, hurry up the time by exploring places and worlds they never thought of before.
    The secrets of life are real, and I face the most horrible ones of them. I'm completely ruby in africa acting pearl.
    meaning that everything and everyone is drawn to me. but they should look the other way because I am a deathgod. I will kill your soul if you visit my body, and I don't have any control about it.
    but the world is also depending on me. because I share the commercialization of every religion and faith existing. I have to bear the guilt, the pain of every fear of death and questions of life.
    I am totaly numb to these feelings or I can describe it as "I am neither hot or cold, but still warm inside" because Black and Yellow will achief eternity. together with my japanese looking girls.

    It's time to go into the new, and accept the old as past.

    in short. everything and everyone is deeternalizing myself and I need my eternalisation to compensate everything in a very big ammount of pure seminar.
    Mankind will have another supercollective brain where they get their purest seminar from, the supercollective brain will control the human race by granting them FULL freedom and euphoria.
    this can be achieved if people are willing to be superhumanitarians, that multiply and copy paste their opinions and thoughts to the rest of the world all happening in your mind.
    You humans have different brains then I do. I only have only level and that is the eternal zero. my girls are very close by but now the dutch people are trying to win from them.
    they are just scared of everything they dont want to know, but I am mercyless.

    If you do not want to accept my black and yellow world as your eternal world where your aging procces might slow down and you might live a longer happy life, you will be destroyed in the black burdened sun

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    "black and yellow"
    you know what it is

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    you know what it is
    My shuffled timeline where we live faster and euphoric.
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    you know what it is

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